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  • Contraceptives Pills: Benefits, Side Effects and Myth

    Let's first discuss what contraceptive pills are?   Contraceptives are the birth control pills that are orally taken by a woman to prevent pregnanc...
  • Partners support in period pain

    Partner's Support in Period Pain Period pain is widespread: most women have experienced the pain of varied intensity at some point in their life. ...
  • "Women in 20's feel invincible",but are they? Things I wish they told me when I was 20

    Women should be treated equally with men in every aspect of life, if not more (reparations!). It's simple justice. There are profound changes for w...
  • Health Supplements for Women

    What are health supplements:    Firstly, before going anywhere else, it is imperative to know what are health supplements and how it can play an es...
  • How women have approached the 'V' word since childhood

    Vagina. I bet men have stopped reading this by now as have most of the women. Well, my point here just proves how we feel about using this term?
  • Glow with Sirona's Luxury Body and Soul Collection!

    In the unrelenting heat of the city, the harsh weather can take a toll on your body leaving you sweaty, oily and messy.
  • Prevention of Uterus Cancer beginnings with using Peebuddy

    Using dirty toilets and not maintaining proper menstrual hygiene can create a lot of menace in our lives.
  • Just Pee and See with pregnancy test strips

    Did you just miss your period? Missing a period can be stressful irrespective of your marital status, much more stressful if you are unmarried obviously.
  • Get freedom from unclean toilets with Pee Buddy

    Looking at a man peeing while standing, we are sure majority of the women are going through the j-thought that why men are lucky enough to be able to stand as pee
  • End your fear of UTIs with PeeBuddy's funnel!

    UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is an infection in any part of our urinary system that is our kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra.
  • Timeline to calling out your genitals by funny names during childhood and feeling nostalgically ashamed now!

    The word vagina and vulva are the correct words to use when we are talking about a woman’s genitals.
  • The period conversation- tampon vs menstrual cups

    There is no end to period conversations. We, women, always want to know more and more about menstruation