10 Hygiene tips for athletes

All through high-school, students have been divided into groups. From the nerdy teacher’s pet to the athletic jock, they are all as much a part of the school as the others. Some may think it is easy to be just good at studies but being an athlete is hard work too with an added element of risk involved. It is quite common for athletes at all levels to suffer injuries that may have dire consequences. And if these injuries weren’t enough to deem an athlete unhealthy and keep them on the sidelines, they are highly susceptible to infections and diseases.

It is essential for everyone to maintain hygiene for physical benefits on a daily basis. Particularly for athletes because their health is of utmost importance when it comes to being in their best form. Even the smallest of health problems can have devastating effects on any athlete’s professional career. For female athletes, hygiene plays an important role, so you have to make sure to develop healthy habits that will allow your intimate area to remain fresh.

Here are ten tips that an athlete must follow with as much conviction as they do their fitness regime.

  1. Washing your hands

When you go to the gym for working out, even though you may use some of your own equipment, there are some things that the gym will provide. And who knows how many people have handled the same before you in which case it becomes necessary to wash your hands with soap frequently throughout the day.

  1. Wash your feet too

Since athletes wear shoes while working out, they are susceptible to developing infections such as Athlete's foot which is characterised by scaling and blistering of the soles and rashes between toes. To prevent this, you should make sure to wear flip-flops or sandals when you are in a health club or gym. Keep your feet dry and clean, and always wash between the toes. You can also apply antifungal powder on your feet to keep them germ-free.

  1. Shower after working out

An athlete should always take a shower post workout and training sessions. You should use antibacterial soap because working out makes you sweat and that makes you prone to infections. After a shower, dry your skin with a clean towel.

  1. Do not share personal care items

You should never share your towel, soap, razor, gym equipment or brushes with any other players in your team. Any item that comes into close contact with your skin may lead to infection when someone else uses them.

  1. Trimmed nails

Keep your finger and toenails trimmed as they will help keep you away from infections. Female athletes should make sure to follow this because nails are most likely to carry germs. Also, you wouldn't want to scratch your opponent while you are training.

  1. Right undergarments

Female athletes should make sure to wear clean, cotton underwear because bacteria is more likely to grow in a moist environment.

  1. Keep cuts and scrapes clean

You should take care of your skin when you are working out especially if you have any wounds. All cuts and scrapes should be cleaned and covered post workout sessions. Also the dressing should be changed regularly.

  1. Clean gym equipment

Many athletes frequent the gym, but few are concerned about the cleanliness of the equipment used in the gym. All the mats and equipment must be cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant to keep the infections away. It will also minimize the chances of infection in next person who uses the same equipment.

  1. Dry clothes

Post workout you should always remove your sweaty clothes and take a shower as they are likely to cause bacterial infection. Wear clean, dry clothes and wash your sweaty clothes after every session.

  1. Stay hydrated

Since athletes have to train and work out regularly, it is essential for them to stay hydrated. You need to consume the right amount of water, both during and after the work out sessions. It is necessary for your body to stay hydrated so that you can perform at your highest level. Water also keeps you healthy and provides you adequate energy levels.