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10 weird toilets around the world

How many people have been on a road trip and come back with stories of bathrooms that you’ve used on the way? How many times have people entered a public restroom only because the interior seemed intricately designed? Never, right. Well, if we weren’t always looking for reasons to avoid using a public restroom; from being a germ-ridden enclosure to the fear of contracting diseases, we would look around and notice that some of the weirdest things can happen in public urinals.

And if you thought that relieving yourself in a urinal was boring, think again. Here is a list of bizarre restrooms and urinals around the world that are sure to make you ‘go’ even if you don’t want to or have to.

1. One-way mirror box (London) This toilet was a part of an art exhibition called Don't Miss a Sec. This toilet lets you see the busy streets with the hustle and bustle of the city while you’re relieving yourself. Because hey, all the world’s a stage.

2. The Toilet in an Elevator Shaft (Mexico) If looking out to the streets was strange, here is a toilet that can make you dizzy. It is built on a 15-story elevator shaft. When the owner of the house carries out everyday tasks that involve going to the bathroom, they can look down through the glass floor to the bottom of the shaft.

3. Tuba Toilet (Germany)

The music lover in you has to visit this musical toilet where the urinal is shaped like a tuba. You don’t want to leave your instruments lying around anywhere, or they might end up being a part of this restroom.

4. The Thermochromic Urinal If painting with colours wasn’t enough, now you can colour the walls of this urinal when you are relieving yourself. The wall of the urinal is heat sensitive and changes colour when you urinate on them.

5. The Gamer’s Throne

Tired of reading the newspaper when you are on the toilet? Here is the toilet for you. While you’re relieving yourself, get rid of the boredom by playing video games.

6. The Aquarium Bathroom (Japan) The aquarium surrounds the toilet which is intended to mimic the feeling of relieving yourself while swimming in the ocean. This is a ladies only toilet.

7. The Toilet Slide (Japan) This educational and interactive toilet slide allows you to impersonate a poo that is being flushed down the toilet. The children are guided through lessons about faeces and how a toilet is used.

8. Ice Toilet (South Korea) To those who want to escape the heat outside, here is a relief for you. This toilet is made completely of ice. Why else would someone sit on a block of ice?

9. Mannequin Toilet (Portugal) If you thought people watching you when you are in the toilet would freak you out, this restroom has mannequins of lingerie-clad men and women are looking at you. Way to be creepy.

10. Kisses Urinal

When you think you’ve seen it all, there is always going to be something that blows your mind away or in this case blows kisses at you. This urinal, initially designed by a Dutch artist, is shaped like a mouth. So to make sure that your trip isn’t a boring one, and you can go back with at least one crazy story about the restroom you used. The one urinal that completely inspired you, and made you say things like “That’s a pretty neat toilet” and “Woah! Best. Urinal. Ever!” Make sure to add these to the list of places you have to visit once.