5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Portable Urination Device

Sanitation is a concerning topic for the females in our country as many of us don’t have access to clean and safe toilets. While the New Delhi Municipal Corporation is proudly advertising its toilet locator awareness campaign that locates 333 public toilets on Google Maps in the Delhi NCR belt, who amongst us would risk using these public toilets? Let’s admit it, none of them are hygienic. Public restrooms with limited water supply and irregular upkeep are demanding a toilet-hygiene-initiative. With the invent of portable urination devices that help ease the public toilet panic, a new wave of revolution has emerged.

Here are some sound reasons why you must start investing in portable urination devices-

  1. Gross restrooms- Portable urinary devices like PeeBuddy can save you from dealing with those dirty toilet seats. With a nifty disposable device like this there will be no difficulty in standing and peeing. Best part - You experience the same “PEE ANYWHERE” convenience that made you jealous of men.
  2. If you are a working professional – Don’t get me started on office toilets. With less than two rounds of cleaning throughout the day and 500 people sharing the same restroom, they certainly are the breeding ground for bacteria. One can’t help but frown at the very thought of peeing. Carrying a portable device can really be a life saver for the working gals.
  3. For travellers and adventurers- When nature calls in the midst of nature, unlike men, women won’t be able to wee standing up against the tallest tree. Also, when you are stuck in a camping site, and don't want to risk going out in the dark for a tinkle, then a portable urination device is just the thing for you. With PeeBuddy you can feed the wanderlust soul in you without the fear of unhygienic Porta Potties!
  4. Best for elderly people - Urinary incontinence is a common problem faced by the elderly. A portable urination device is a wonderful aid for the elderly and people with mobility disorders. Also, the elderly find it difficult to squat and sit so with the help of the portable urination devices, they can tend to their pressing urinary needs in the standing position without any problems.
  5. Quick, easy and convenient- These portable devices are also very easy to carry along in your handbag. The best part is you can stand and pee without completely sitting or pulling down your pants. These devices are both neat and discrete!

In the end:

40% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to basic necessities and India in particular constantly suffers from the health issues due to lack of proper toilet facilities. According to the census, being in the 21st century there is still at least 636 million Indian who lack clean toilet facilities and this contributes towards the violence against women, diseases, infection and other hygiene and sanitation problems. Portable urination devices not only facilitate women but they also contribute to water conservation. It’s an added advantage that they take up less space and are also skin friendly.