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6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Public Toilets

Public toilets are often the worst offenders in spreading bacterial infections. They are notorious for being unhygienic and dirty and are a nightmare to use for most women. There are few options that can be deployed as holding pee is also a very harmful option. Let us first see how public toilets are adversely affecting our health.

  • Bacteria in the toilet bowl
    The stagnant water in the toilet bowl is often chock full of bacteria and the best way to reduce the activity is to flush the toilet before use. This acts effectively in reducing the airborne faecal contaminants and other viruses that exist in the toilet bowl.
  • Toilet seat germ infestation woes
    Are you one of those perfectionistas who cover the toilet seat with paper before putting your butt on it? Well, you are not too bizarre. There IS a remote chance of a skin-to-skin infection in some cases, and if you have a cut or abrasion on your skin, the fear is only too real. CA-MRSA is a deadly community associated virus which can survive in the human groin and skin for long periods. It is intelligent to use a portable disposable female urination device like Peebuddy which allows you to stand and void yourself.
  • Contaminated soap adds to the germ quotient

    Open soap containers attract airborne contaminants in plentiful numbers. The problem becomes worse if the soap is diluted excessively as the germicidal properties are undermined. And, to top it all, do not forget that someone with dirty hands has touched the soap dispenser so many times. It is a good idea to carry Intimate wet wipes and multi-use wet wipes in your bag to avoid using soaps in public toilets.

  • A large percentage of people do not wash their hands after using the loo
    It is surprising that a large percentage of men and a small one of women do not wash their hands at all after a trip to the washroom. And, even if the rest do, a large number do not wash their hand for the mandatory 15-20 seconds that is needed for germs to be rendered ineffective. It is important that you use a good hand sanitizer or multi-use wet wipes to maintain optimal hygiene.
  • Doors and handles have more germs than the toilet seat!

    You will be astounded that toilet doors and handles are hotbeds of germs. It is very advisable that you use a paper towel to open handles. And do not forget the hand sanitizer.

  • Public toilets have inadequate ventilation

    Public toilets are often poorly ventilated and no access to sunshine and oxygen-rich fresh air. This increases the chances of germ colonization. The sheer number of users make the soap and water cleanliness inadequate. The moist and warm environment attracts bacterial growth immediately after a cleaning happens. Choose the freedom to pee without touching the facilities by opting for the portable disposable female urination devices that you can easily carry in your handbag.