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Afraid Of Using The Loo While Travelling?

I am one of those rare breeds of women who work in hardcore sales. The work is good and the pay even better, but I am going to quit my job! Stunned? I am quitting my ideal job as I just cannot handle the dirty loos anymore. The stinky, dirty loos in the restrooms when I travelled those highways frustrated me in ways you can never comprehend.

Holding in pee till my stomach hurt. My only concern used to be where to find a clean loo. To combat this situation I started drinking water in very small amounts. And you can guess the rest. Kidney stones made their appearance amidst a lot of pain and nausea.

How to brave dirty loos when travelling?

The best way to avoid dirty loos is to use the bushes on the roadside if you are travelling through the countryside. They are better than the dirty public toilets which will give you Urinary tract infections. Sounds ludicrous but it is absolutely true. The other option would be to squat and try not to breathe while peeing.

Then I discovered the disposable, portable female urination device called Peebuddy some time ago. It has changed my life. It is but a slim packet that I carry in my purse with ease. Just tap open and pee standing up. No messy loos and no fear of Urinary tract infections. I can drink as much water as I want and not worry at all.

Other ways to keep intimate areas healthy while travelling

There are small things you can do to keep dry down there when you have a long car drive.

  • Use a panty liner that absorbs bodily fluids and keeps you feeling fresh and dry through the day. The stickiness of white discharge leads to rashes and itches while travelling and can create a lot of discomforts.
  • Carry an Intimate Wet Wipes packet with you and wipe dry every time you use the loo. It not only staves off infection but also keeps you smelling fresh for a long time.
  • Tampons are the ideal companions when you are travelling as they are small and hygienic. They can be disposed of easily. Sanitary and diaper disposal bags are also a good option to dispose of your soiled hygiene products safely while travelling.
  • If you suffer from period cramps Sirona’s period pain relief patches are the best painkillers hitting the Indian market to minimize stomach cramps naturally. Trust me, it’s a relief to travel if you are not suffering from debilitating pain.

All these are readily available as a pack that you can carry with you on your next travel. I for one vouch for the portable urination funnel that allows me to pee while standing up. It has helped save my job. I am so comfortable travelling all across the state now, with all these feminine hygiene products making my life so comfortable. I now travel even during my period and don’t have any worries to show for it!