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Are You Taking Care Of Your Bladder?


Bladder infections are also termed as UTI (Urinary Tract Infections). When bacteria enter the bladder through the urethra (the passage through which the urine passes from the body), they stick to the walls of the bladder and propagate and cause infections. The ensuing infection has many symptoms such as unexpected urge to urinate, burning sensation while urinating, and abdominal pain.  Remedies to ease the symptoms of bladder infections:

Drink a lot of water something like 10 glasses in 24 hours. Water dilutes the urine and cleanses the bladder by flushing out the bacteria thus helps to get rid of the bacterial infection much faster. As diluted urine is less acidic therefore also helps to get rid of the burning sensation.

Avoid beverages with soda and caffeine content as much as you can as it will make the situation only worse by causing further irritation of the bladder. Avoid constipation by eating a lot of leafy vegetables like spinach, mustard, gourds and food items like oats, barley that are rich in roughage. Constipation, especially in women, encourages Urinary Tract Infection.

Pass urine frequently to flush out the infection. Urine retention can only make matters worse by encouraging the bacteria to multiply inside the bladder. Also, it is strongly recommended to pass urine after sexual intercourse so that the bacteria are eliminated as chances of bacteria being introduced into the urethra and then travelling to the ladder are very high.

Check with your doctor if the infection is severe and long-lasting. At times, UTI symptoms might subside on their own after 2/3 days but if not then your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to cure the infection.