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Are You Threatening The Hygiene Of Your Washroom?


If you thought Germs and microbes are the only hygiene threats lurking in your bathroom, then think again. Right from the time you step into your washrooms to carrying things like your mobile phone, your bathing stuff, scrubber, towels, wipes, footwear to how you treat your washroom can affect the level of hygiene in your washroom. In fact, general mistakes may possibly be hazardous to our health. They can cause ailments, Urinary tract Infections etc. Few facts related to washroom sanitation to be pondered upon:

    • Clean Stuff Like Clothes, Footwear Inside The Washroom : Taking into account the fact that you make frequent visits to the bathroom starting from the morning time till you retire for the night, on every occasion you might alter the hygiene level in there by bringing more germs (or vice versa) maybe through your clothes, shoes, mobiles, etc. So watch out! Wipe your shoes well on the foot mat before you enter the washroom, make sure your clothes are not soiled and stacked in your washroom. Dirty clothes should be kept in the laundry basket in a utility area or your balcony before they make their way to the laundry. Wet Towels should not be left unattended in the washrooms, but dried well in the sunlight.
    • Sitting On The WC For A Long Time: Being constipated is one thing but spending time in your washroom simply for making calls, reading the newspaper or checking your phone for messages and reading your emails is not recommended at all, it can only increase your exposure to germs in the washroom. For easing the bowel movement, you can take laxatives, take a walk, drink a lot of water, change your diet regime etc. or consult your physician rather than spending ages in the toilet. If you are using a public urinal, make sure you use a female urination device like PEE Buddy easily available online. Just visit to know more about the product.

  • Using The Hand Dryer: Hand dryers are not a good option to dry your hands as they circulate the germs in the toilet environment. Researchers confirm that microbial density is very high around the hand dryers than around the area where tissue dispensers are fixed.
  • Ventilation And Humidity In The Washroom: It’s essential that your washroom is well ventilated to get fresh air in it. Very few people know even bathrooms require appropriate aeration. Without proper ventilation system, the washrooms will stay wet and clammy and augment the growth of bacteria. It will only increase a variety of germs and the annoying mould and mildew. Also, without good ventilation, it's not only suffocating but also terrible odours develop.