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Do men and women have same pee habits

Do you think men and women are same? No. As per John Gray, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Both have a different take on relationships. Men are considered more practical while women are considered more emotional. Also, men and women react to stress/pressure differently. Women tend to talk to someone to reduce stress while men cave in. They relax and distance themselves from the problem, reevaluate all the possibilities, and dive in to solve it.

Considering the above facts, do you think men and women have the same routine; like the way they eat, the way they sleep, the way they use the washroom? Don’t know about their eating or sleeping habits but we know some facts about their pee habits. Let’s see what they are.

  • Washing hands: According to a study, it is found that 60-70% women and 40-30% men wash their hands after using the loo. The American Society for Microbiology surveyed whether or no adults wash their hands. They concluded that 90% women and 75% men washed their hands in the presence of another person in the vicinity. So men do consider washing your hands after emptying your bladder for a healthy you.
  • Reading: With the advent of smartphones and availability of internet 24*7, we have got so used to phones that we carry them everywhere, even in the washrooms. The reasons for doing so are varied like checking mails, reading a blog, calling, etc. Strong evidence has not yet received that decides the reading habits of men and women in the washroom. However, a study states that 30% men and only 20% women feel the necessity of phones in washroom.
  • Who uses the washroom for long, you or me? This question will definitely lead to World War III that too between men and women as each one will blame each other. According to Chuck Gerba, a toilet expert, women use the toilet for 61.5 seconds more than men. Now men don’t be too proud of you for this. It’s just that women have a complicated urination process. They also need to use urinals frequently than men as they have a small bladder.

Also, urinals of men take less space than men. Hence, there is always a queue in women’s washroom. The number of men urinals is more than that of women in the same square footage. This is known as ‘potty parity.’ This leads to more time consumption of women in the loo.

  • Anxiety while peeing: Even though men are considered stronger, they too have certain phobias. The most common is peeing in public urinals. Men become alert in the presence of another person. Hence, it takes longer to get the flow going. Women, on the other hand, do not face this phobia or they have to a lesser extent.
  • Tissue folders vs tissue crumplers: 52% women and 38% men crumple the tissue. According to a 2000 survey, the statistics are reversed in terms of tissue folding, i.e. 38% women and 52% men fold the tissue.

Now, this analysis made me think as to whom to consider well managed, men or women? Can you help me out?