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Do’s n don’ts in your washrooms


Common washroom mistakes that impact hygiene in much grosser ways than you can visualize:


  • Leaving the washroom wet: Damp and wet washrooms help in breeding germs. Make sure you use a wiper to dry the washroom floor and put on the fan or the exhaust to help it dry quicker.
  • Lack of Flushing etiquette: If you don’t put down the WC lid before you flush bacteria and other microbial organisms along with the water particles get sprayed across the toilet seat to adjacent areas and therefore help in cross contamination.
  • Keeping your medicines on the counter: Medicines could get cross-contaminated by the germs thriving on the counter.

  • Keeping your cosmetics and brushes on the counter: Toilet germs thrive on commonly touched places like taps, counters, door handles etc so if you keep your beauty gear on the counter it will get infected with germs, moreover, the moisture in the washroom may make it even more vulnerable to bacterial growth.
  • Hanging dirty clothes in the washroom for long spells: is one of the most unhygienic habits, what’s more, there is no need to hang dirty clothes behind doors or on bars; laundry baskets are to be used to throw dirty clothes. Assoiled clothes will only be detrimental to the hygiene of the washroom.
  • Poor upkeep of the toilet bin: Toilet bins need to be emptied out daily and be exposed to sunlight to free them from any moisture or even kill some bacteria that flourish in damp conditions.