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Do you also secretly wish to stand and pee?

Let's face it, being a woman is tough. You've got to deal with periods, impossible beauty standards, and men who don't understand you.  In addition to all of this, women have continuously been told to be brave like men, think like men, fight back emotions like men, and what not! Why hasn’t anyone told women to pee like men?

To answer this question, one would naturally think the physical advantage men have over women when it comes to peeing is something to be proud of. Even so, we as women, have never complained. We accept the way that we have been designed and the responsibilities that come with the existing model. We are quite happy with sitting down when we have to pee but have you ever wondered what it would feel like if, for once, we could stand and pee like men. Because when we have to attend nature’s call unexpectedly, and we have to rush to find the nearest public restroom, the thing that puts us off is having to wipe down the seat. These cleaning sessions can pop up at work, metro and even at the happiest hours of shopping for an upcoming party.

Finding a washroom is quite easy these days but finding a clean one is like a dream come true. Firstly, a lady has to accept the not-so-lady-like odour of the comfort station and then has to come to terms with the sight in front of her. Opening the door to a clean toilet is a hit and miss of a situation and if, by chance, there aren’t any options available apart from the “exceptionally” clean toilet, women have to resort to using it. Hovering over the toilet seat is the only option for when you are unable find a tissue to hand-clean the existing mess.

Most women keep tissues handy so that once they can find a suitable loo, they roll up their sleeves, and carefully wipe the seat with tissues before relieving themselves. Then they have to go back to rolling up their sleeve, removing the tissues, before flushing and rushing out! Yes, rush to cleaner air so they can breathe in peace. That’s the daily routine that women have to go through just to relieve themselves and men say women take a lot of time to do even the simplest of tasks.

Public toilets have the most number of germs that one can come in contact with at a given time. Despite it being spotless and dry, public restrooms are shared by people who have previously been exposed to any disease. Hand cleaning and using such toilets leads to women coming into direct contact with bacteria that can cause diseases such as Streptococcus, Urinary Tract Infections, Hepatitis A, Staphylococcus, skin infections, E. Coli, colds, and flu, etc.

Squatting above the toilet seat can be a more sophisticated option after reading the list of diseases! But wait, let me tell you such a position isn’t helpful in the long run because women’s pelvic bones cannot withstand such adversities. Especially, pregnant women will have a difficult time choosing either of the two ways to use a public toilet. Women have never given serious thought to the problems they may have to face because of using a public restroom. They have learned to coexist by placing their well-being behind a long list of other priorities. They are rather keen on solving problems that are not directly related to them and this, no doubt, gives them utter joy. But it is high time women realize the risks they are putting themselves in. They must understand the importance of their well-being.

The trick to improving our lifestyle and taking care of our hygiene is just a click away at You can start by using PeeBuddy - Disposable, Portable Female Urination Device for Women which gives women the freedom to stand and pee. It is a revolutionary device that simply helps women use public toilets without having to worry about the bacteria they may come in contact with.

Giving women the freedom not to shy away from bushes, PeeBuddy is spill-proof, portable, and mess free. Even if there’s a tissue missing, no worries and no more holding up. Grab a kit ladies for the much awaited freedom and be a man!