Do You Prefer Hand Dryers Over Paper Towels?

We all know that public toilets are infested with bacteria, but are you aware that every single time you use an electric hand dryer to dry your hands in a public toilet, you might be dispersing germs without realising. What’s more you possibly your hands and body will also be sprayed with bacteria from other user’s hands. Three compelling reasons for using paper towels instead of Hand dryers:

  • Decline in hygiene: It is commonly observed that hand sanitation adherence would probably decline if tissue papers are not offered in washroom counters. People prefer tissues for wiping hands once they are through with their job rather than blow drying their hands.Sanitation - PeeBuddy
  • Contaminated areas: Tissues are the best choice for washrooms where infectivity is unchecked. Air movement promotes the spreading and microbes and increase contamination. Used Hand dryers in public washrooms are frequently contaminated and can release germs in their air flow.
  • Hand dryers make a poor sanitising choice: Hand dryers are the least efficient mode of removing germs from washed hands. Carry Feminine Hygiene Products like wet wipes to clean your hands if you do not want to touch the faucets or use the paper towels.