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Ever thought what the trash picker thinks when you dispose your used pads in the open

How many women try to hide and dispose of their sanitary products in a way that can prove to be harmful to the environment? And how many will dispose of the sanitary products in the open without giving second thought to the people who are responsible for its further disposal?

Imagine entering a restaurant and being asked to clean up the table before seating yourself. The shock of this statement alone would be enough to keep you from ever returning to the same place. I mean, why would you be willing to clean up someone else’s mess?

Exactly my point. Now back to my question, have you ever stopped to wonder what the trash picker thinks when he is met with the sight of a blood soaked pad? If for a woman, the sight can be disturbing, would it not be more or less the same for men?  

The launch of the Clean India campaign in 2014 was an eye-opener for people all over the world when we talk about menstruation. Add to the mix, movies like PadMan and Period. End of Sentence. – the topic is no longer attached with social stigma. With so much happening, one would think we have covered most of our bases, but the reality is far from it. No matter how discreetly you think you have disposed of your sanitary products before it finds its place in the trash can, it can easily end up unwrapped and exposed. A study has revealed that approximately 60% of women disposed of their used pads into a field or buried them to hide them. In the cities, however, most of the garbage is collected by trash pickers, and the sight that faces them is not something that women should be proud of.

Through various conversations with trash pickers, I have realised that opening sanitary waste is not only disgusting but also is a health hazard. The trash pickers are exposed to the harmful pathogens that make them prone to bacterial infections and diseases like E Coli, Salmonella, and Hepatitis. Apart from the infections they are exposed to, think of how they must feel when they have to cook or eat with the same hands that they have been using to segregate your waste.

India can no longer afford to shirk its responsibility when it comes to devising an eco-friendly solution of disposing sanitary waste so that the trash pickers no longer have to face the brunt of the impact. Those who are now wondering if their disposal methods could have ever effected the person who comes by to collect their trash, can do their bit in making sure that this doesn’t continue to happen. Buy a Sanitary and Diapers Disposal Bag by SIRONA on