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Everyday items that are filthier than a toilet seat

When we think of germ-filled and filthy things, more often than not our mind wanders to the toilet and the toilet seat. Which is one of the reasons why we scrub and scrub the bathroom till we can be assured that it is as clean as it can be. And amidst the cleaning, we forget that there are studies that have proven that the toilet seat is cleaner than most of the items that we would never think of scrubbing on a regular basis.

Beware though, as you read on and find out which things are filthier than a toilet seat, you may never be able to look at those things without calculating how many square inches of it are filled with bacteria.

1. Toothbrush

Many of us keep the toothbrush right next to the faucet which is mostly next to the toilet. And where do you think the air-borne bacteria go when you press down the flush. Now you’re thinking! So the next time you place your toothbrush there, think again and move your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible.

2. Phones

There are many of us who have admitted to taking their phones with them when they are going to the toilet but how many of can say that we clean our phones on a regular basis. Studies have shown that our mobile phones carry up to ten times more bacteria than a toilet. This makes it even more important to clean our phones as much as possible.

3. Money

The first thing we think of when we receive money is how to spend it. But take a moment to ponder over how many hands have touched the same note that is currently in your pocket. Because how many people will actually clean the wad of cash they’ve just received.

4. Laundry

Now this may seem ridiculous to many, because aren’t we washing the clothes to make them cleaner, but think about it. When we’re loading the washing machine with clothes, we also include our undergarments to it that have traces of faecal matter in them. The germs and bacteria will stay at the bottom providing an ideal environment for them to breed.

5. Keyboard

Think of all the things that our fingers come into contact with before we sit down to work. Many of us never think twice before tapping away on our keyboards, but they have about 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

6. Remote control

One of the dirtiest items that can be found at your home is the remote control mainly because it is never cleaned. When was the last time you wiped your remote before using it. Because you aren’t the only one who touches the remote control and who knows what else you’ve touched during the entire day.

7. Showerhead

Who would have thought that water coming out of a showerhead wasn’t enough to keep it clean? As it turns out, bacteria forms around shower heads which get transferred to your body when you take a bath.

8. Handbag

We keep our phones, makeup and hand cream in our handbags making it the perfect carrier of bacteria and germs. This is because we are always touching our bag to pull out things we need and this transfers the germs from our hands to our bag.

9. Light Switches

When we switch on the lights, we transfer a lot of bacteria from our finger tips to the switch. And in public places, who knows how many people have flicked on the light switch before you.Light switches at home can carry over 200-250 bacteria per square inch and in public places it can be more.

10. Steering Wheel

Before you step into your car and drive away, think of all the things that you have come into contact with and how many times do we clean the interior of the car especially the steering wheel. Not many, right. So the next time you’re washing your car, take special care to wipe down the steering wheel too.