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Flush. Pee. Flush. Repeat.

Public toilets are a woman’s best friend! No seriously. Imagine you are traveling, and you have a really strong urge to pee, you would thank your stars if you find a public toilet in India at that very moment. And if you happen to come across a clean one, well today is your lucky day!! But even the most spotless public bathroom is not clean enough because a lot of people uses it in a day. So, what option do women have? Take a risk and use them anyway or hold it in till you find another one? And who knows when you will find another toilet. It’s a game of Russian roulette when it comes to finding a clean restroom.


Well, frankly, I have used quite a few dirty public toilets because I had nowhere to go. I would look for toilet paper to clean the seats but what if you can’t find any. I wish women had the power to pee while standing, but unfortunately, our biology does not allow us to do so. So I just had to put up with whatever was available. Thankfully, PeeBuddy's Female Urination device saves the day. But now we are talking about being able to sit and pee on dirty toilets, and for this, PeeBuddy has put our woes to an end! Well, girls, congratulations!!


PeeBuddy has come up with PeeBuddy Flushable Toilet Seat Cover to avoid direct contact with unhygienic toilet seats. These covers, as the name suggest, help you attend nature’s call without directly coming in contact with the toilet seat. These soft and easy-to-use seat covers are a hundred percent waterproof, hence can be used even on a wet toilet seat. These toilet seat covers are disposable, flushable, and biodegradable. You can protect yourself from infection and prevent any further harm to the environment at the same time!


Well, to make it easy for you, let me list some of the most beneficial features of these toilet covers-

First of all, they actually do what they claim to do, i.e., cover the toilet seat and protect us from germs and infection.

These covers are flushable. You can slide them into the pot after using and flush them along with everything else. You can also throw it in the dustbin, whatever is convenient for you.

These are incredibly convenient to carry, and would easily fit in your backpack, purse, or pockets. So you can take them with you anywhere, anytime, even to a movie theatre or a pub.

This product is not made from any toxic materials. Hence it is also safe for kids to use.

For those who want to go green, you will be glad to know that the covers are eco-friendly and lightweight.

PeeBuddy’s – toilet seat cover is your best bet to pee safely without getting in contact with the unclean toilet seats. Now you can leave your fears of dirty toilets and germs and infections at your home by purchasing them at