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Get freedom from unclean toilets with Pee Buddy

Looking at a man peeing while standing, we are sure majority of the women are going through the j-thought that why men are lucky enough to be able to stand as pee without stressing over the cleanliness of those toilet seats ever. How many times while traveling or shopping or hanging out with friends women avoid drinking water or liquid stuff so that they don’t have to pee so often and you can guess why – unclean toilets. While women have to think several times before using a public restroom, men are cool and relaxed as all they got to do is stand, put their thing out and swoosh pee. We understand how irritating this can be for you ladies.



Let’s look at the scenarios in India; because we all know how clean the foreigners keep their toilet seats even the public ones. Can we even remotely call them clean? No, we can’t. And to top it, the people don’t even have to regard to clean the seat for the next user. Yes, even the women don’t consider cleaning up their mess so that next one can use a clean and sanitised toilet. Did you know that in our capital Delhi itself the ratio of men to women toilet is 10:1? That is for every ten men’s loo there is only one women’s loo. Now that is an appalling ratio, and everyone knows that holding off your pee is never a good idea.



Don’t worry ladies; Peebuddy has got you covered with its ‘Female Urination Device.’ What is it? It is the solution you all have been praying for since forever. A portable device that helps you stand while you pee, exactly like men. No longer you have to hold your pee till you find a cleaner toilet, no more catching urinary tract infection, no more wiping the dirty toilet seats, no more half squats required. All you got to do is place this funnel-shaped device between your legs, stand and pee without coming in contact with the toilet seat ever. Isn’t that precisely what you were looking for?




PeeBuddy Female Urination Device is designed in a manner that there are no spills or leakage. So you can strike off that point of worry as well. Just open the funnel, put your panty aside, place it between your legs, and tilt your hips a little then pee peacefully. Once you’re done just dispose of the funnel in the nearest bin. Easy pee-sy.

PeeBuddy Stand and Pee are suitable for every girl especially the ones who are suffering from arthritis, spinal injury, obesity or are pregnant and in their last trimester, who are often traveling, who have a workplace with a common loo and who are marathon runners, trekkers or cyclists.

It’s finally time to say no to unhygienic toilets when you have PeeBuddy’s Female Urination Device by your side. No more refraining yourself from going out or drinking whatever you want, thinking about the cleanliness of the toilets near you. Pee with PeeBuddy freely and cleanly.