Holding it back- how much can your bladder take before it breaks?

Need to run to the toilet but no bathroom in sight. We all know this feeling. Haven’t we all faced the problem more than once in life? Don’t we find ourselves wishing that our bladder could hold it a bit more? Well, an adult bladder can hold in as much as half a liter or 2 cups of pee before you feel like you need use the bathroom. There are tiny receptors in the wall of your bladder that sends signals to your brain when it reaches its capacity.Human body, in normal conditions, has full control over the functions of the bladder. So when the message reaches the brain, you get to have two choices- relieve yourself of it or hold it in because there is no bathroom in sight.

But the problem arises when there is no bathroom nearby and we have to control the needs of the bladder. Let’s get into a bit of science behind it now, shall we? Once your decision of not going to pee right then is made, the thing called sphincters in your bladder close up to prevent the leakage of the urine through the urethra. The muscles are great at keeping it in until you make them continue doing it for quite a long time. If holding your pee is something you do several times in a week, then you are subjecting your body to some really serious risks.

Holding your pee constantly for several days in a week can weaken the muscles in your bladder and lead to the dreaded risk of urinary retention. In this condition, you are not able to empty the bladder completely any time you pee which constantly gives you the feeling that you need to pee.

The other problem that you are at risk of is the urinary tract or bladder infection. The pee that you are keeping inside the bladder will breed harmful bacteria leading to the infection. Yes, none of the two cases mentioned above sound life threatening and can be dealt with if proper medication and precautions are taken in time.

What about the popular notion that the bladder bursts if you hold the pee in for a long time? The good news is that for most people, the bladder does not burst. Instead people wet themselves before the incident of bursting occurs. Yes, we said “most people” and not all. There have been incidences of death due to the bladder bursting out in people who already have a damaged bladder. Most of the people in that category were too drunk to notice that the brain was signaling them to pee.

You can visit the website Pee Buddy to know more about such cases where they went into delirium by not being able to pee and their bladder burst from pressure. There is also relevant information on the site to tell you how to keep the bladder happy.

To keep you body in the safe side, run to the bathroom whenever the nature calls. Don’t hold it in for that important business meeting or some other such occasion. They all can wait but you bladder cannot.