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House remodelling


House Remodelling is always exciting and refreshing! But also it is about budgeting, making the right decision so that the changes made meet your long-term needs besides being aesthetically appealing.

Besides the other rooms of the house, washrooms, irrespective of their size need your due attention. Their planning should be done considering the age and number of people who will be using the washroom, the volume of storage cabinets, natural lighting, hygiene factor, wall paint type and colour, accessories like faucets, washbasin, shower cubicles, cabinets, shFreedom For Women to Stand & Peeelves, type of floor tiles( anti-skid or marble or vitreous tiles) etc. On the whole, washrooms should be functional for all age groups for your house members, beautiful and optimal usage of the space. Some common tips to be kept in mind while remodelling your house:

  1. Well ventilated and big windows for light and view: Dark, murky, damp washrooms are a big turn off with poor air circulation which makes them the most unlikeable space in the entire room. Ensure you install big windows and ventilator to let fresh air in and also for natural light.
  2. Washroom attached with the living room and the lounge is a must: For obvious reasons like privacy and convenience, you would like your guests to enter your bedroom to use the washrooms, so it’s advisable to always to keep a separate toilet for guests.
  3. Dressing room attached to the washroom: is a great and useful add-on, however, this space is often forgotten. You can use this space to change clothing and also to keep your bathroom linen and extra toiletries and avoid the clutter in the washroom.