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How Female Athletes deal with PMS during training

Women in the field of sports have excelled since the last couple of years and have given a fierce competition to their male counterparts. Today they have been taking active participation in all forms of sports, including cricket, hockey, wrestling, weightlifting, archery and a lot more, which was earlier considered to be male-dominated sports.

The new millennial females enjoy a supreme sense of confidence and have come forward to take active participation in various career opportunities including sports. It’s just that the female athletes have to pay attention to those special days with a sense of mental and physical preparedness. Periods is no longer a challenge or a restraint for the female athletes as they consider it as a part of life and can deal with it much better by psychologically becoming much stronger and taking the required rest as well as medication for addressing the physiological issues.

Studies have revealed that some female athletes experience irregular menstrual cycle or maybe some further complications if proper measures are not taken on time. Those athletes who participate in highly intense sports or take inadequate diet or rest may be at risk of having irregular periods or losing upon their menstrual cycle as well, the disorder is known as amenorrhea.

Let’s have a look at the steps below which may help the female athletes in addressing the PMS related issues:

  1. Staying Positive and Confident during those days: Today women can participate in any sport of their choice even during their PMS days. Some sportswomen have reported that their performance is much better while they are menstruating than the regular days, possibly because of the hormonal changes they become more aggressive and confident. Apart from this, sporting and exercising help in relieving them from menstrual cramps and discomforts.
  2. Menstrual Hygiene Products-A Blessing in Disguise for the Female Athletes: Modern menstrual hygiene products have made the life of women more comfortable and today they can do strenuous activities even during those special days. Today the athletes take whole-hearted participation in their favourite sports by selecting the best product from an array of choices depending on what best suits them. They can choose from the flexible panty-liners to the entire range of tampons and be rest assured of any risk of stains or discomfort. LIMCA Book record holder Peebuddy’s range of female hygiene products such as Tampons (Applicator & Digital), intimate wet wipes, multi-use wet wipes, herbal pain relief patches, etc. are strongly recommended by the best gynaecologists.
  3. Plan in Advance: A female athlete should have a fair idea about her menstrual cycle and her peak days of difficulty. She can plan accordingly and modify her practise schedules to ensure a continuation of the practise schedule.
  4. Using Tampons While Swimming: The swimmers can depend upon tampons or the menstrual cups as both have a high absorbent capacity. It is always recommended to change the tampons before and after a swimming spell.
  5. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for Reducing Menstrual Cramps and Heavy Bleeding: Anti-Inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofens or naproxen, reduce the amount of those chemicals in the body which are responsible for aggravating menstrual cramps and can control heavy bleeding as well. Apart from this birth control pills can be particularly taken by those athletes who travel across the time-zones, as they can manipulate their periods' schedule for avoiding the possible discomfort during a big tournament or training. Moreover, birth control pills equally help in lowering the menstrual cramps and also the heavy flow.
  6. Iron Rich Diet & Supplements for Compensating the Energy Loss due to Periods: Loss of energy can be a common symptom during periods which could be an outcome of iron deficiency. The problem can be fixed by taking adequate iron-rich diet or supplements. 
  7. Fighting out Bloating Tendency during Periods: Most females experience a bloating tendency just before the arrival of periods which is due to water retention. For controlling the water retention, high sodium diets should be avoided. Frequent restaurant visits, fast food consumption, packaged or processed foods can trigger the sodium level in the body. By taking magnesium supplements in consultation with the doctor, the puffiness in the body can be reduced by controlling the water retention.
  8. Meditation, Yoga, Gentle Stretching Exercises and a warm shower before going to bed can be helpful in reducing the anxiety caused by periods and relaxing the body.