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How Men approach the ‘P’ Word?

Men are, almost always, intrigued about the size of their penis. They are curious and think there is so much that they do not know about their penis. For instance, their primate counterparts had smaller penises. Some people consider that the size of their penis is a measure of good health.

Well, penises are weird, and they come in all shapes and sizes. For most men, within the community, talking about their penis or even for that matter somebody else’s penis is a regular activity. Men think of their penis as an essential part of the body and their life. They think it is fun to play with which is why they end up playing with it a lot (if you know what I mean). You can always swing it around and do stuff with it which can be radical.


Most men consider the penis their friend. They call it names that you cannot even imagine. Hysterically, they call it their gun! Some call it the womb raider. It begins with every alphabet. Oh! Some also call it the milkman. The best one would be the Trouser Snake. Moving on to desi standards - Pulli, Guddu, Nooni, Noona, Chunnu would sound like an eternal rhyme when you think about calling your penis by a name.


Men are usually comfortable talking about their Chunnu’s in public. They openly discuss how their penis is of apt size. Maybe more in girth than in length. Or about how they feel when it bangs into something, and they feel the pain. Ironically, men often compare this pain to the pain women have while giving birth to a child. Really? I am not sure if Guddu ki Nooni feels the same pain after getting hit by something as a woman feels while giving birth.


Men too have their own ‘those days of the month.’ These are mostly those days when they keep wondering about how to have a perfect orgasm, but they can not have it, so they end up in a sticky situation based on their own cognitive decision.

For men, their penis is mightier than the sword. Their concern lies towards it being big enough to perform a concert where it can rock the show.

Men to men - they overtly discuss problems about their junk. It is almost the topic of the day for them. Right from their Nooni’s morning routine of standing tall as the Empire State to being stubborn in not fitting correctly in that new underwear; men can never have enough about it.


What boosts their confidence is a woman telling them that their penis is the biggest they have seen. And that is when you certainly laugh at them while they are dancing like the guy from 500 Days of Summer. Not to mention how this becomes the story of a lifetime for them.