How You Harm Your Bladder By Holding Pee For Long?


All of us have been in that situation where we have held pee for a long time as there were no clean toilets in the vicinity. It is a situation which is extremely unhealthy but some women have to undergo this pain on a daily basis as their work-place does not have clean or adequate toilet facilities. I myself have faced this as my first office was in an old building which only had urinals for men!

What is the normal rate of urination in a day?

The recommended amount of water to be drunk in a day is about 8 glasses or 64 ounces approximately. An average bladder can hold about 15 ounces of liquid, so the math is clear. If we add the other liquids and foods that have water content, we need to use the loo about 6-8 times a day. You might have already stretched your bladder considerably.

Do remember that it is important to clear your bladder frequently as it may pose grave health risks. You must learn to recognize signals that your kidneys are going into a danger zone.

  • If you are holding pee for too long the bladder tends to become a bacteria breeding ground. This can lead to infections which can harm you. If there are no clean toilets available just use a disposable portable female urination device like Peebuddy which allow you to pee standing up. It is easy to dispose of and can be carried discreetly. 
  • There is a very real fear that when you don’t pee for long the bladder does not signal a “full bladder need to pee” signal to your brain for that period. This may over a long period of time weaken this mechanism and you may face issues with incontinence. It is better that you empty your bladder at the first signal. Use intimate wipes after every visit to the loo to keep infections at bay and feel fresh and fragrant in the bargain.

  • Holding in your pee for extended periods may also lead to urinary retention issues, which is a dreaded name in medical circles as it is difficult to treat. There is a constant urge to pee through a day, but when you do start to pee, you can never empty out the bladder. You might also develop cystitis that is a chronic painful bladder that makes peeing literally a pain! This condition can become debilitating as it may interfere with daily activity and nighttime sleep. You might just be tired all the time as you have made many nightly trips to the loo! 
  • Most women would drink less water if they were not able to use the washroom frequently. This leads to high concentration of calcium and sodium in the urine which may also precipitate conditions like kidney stones. 


Free yourself from the dangers of holding back pee. Use Sirona’s portable female urination device to safely pee in unhygienic conditions. Keep reading our blog for more useful information on Urinary tract Infections in the next edition!