Interesting facts about urine

Do you know Morarji Desai, the former Prime Minister of Independent India? Not only was he famous for his ‘Peace activism’ but also for its ‘Urine therapy’? He used to drink his urine to be healthy. Although this might be new to you, many people firmly believe that your own urine can be used for medicinal and cosmetics purposes. In this, you are advised to drink your urine or massaging it on your skin or gums. Surprised to know this?

To keep that stunned expression intact on your face, we are sharing with you some more interesting facts about urine.

1. The indicator of your health: We are all aware of this fact but turn a deaf year to it. Your heart and liver health is dependent on your pee color, its frequency, and smell. Infrequent trips to the washroom are a sign of dehydration and kidney failure.

2. Pee stink is a window to your health: Yes it is true. If your urine smells like ammonia it indicates dehydration, a sweet smell of your urine means diabetes, a foul smell indicates bladder infection while a musty smell means the person has a liver disease. Isn’t it easy to just smell your urine and guess your health condition?

3. Pee is sterile: Amazed by this one? Although pee is a byproduct of the body, it is sterile. However, as soon as it leaves your body it attracts bacteria from the surrounding.

4. The Shy bladder syndrome: Yes people, this is real. You must have heard someone from your family (especially ladies) telling you that they cannot pee in public places. This is nothing but shy bladder syndrome. The scientific name for this syndrome is Paruresis.

5. Urine glows not just stinks: Now this is interesting. But it is related only to cat urine. Using black light/UV radiations (in popular terms), we can spot cat urine. In simple language cat urine glows under UV light as it contains phosphorous that glows in the presence of oxygen.

6. Cleaning purposes: In the pre-industrial times, urine was the main content of cleaning fluids as it has ammonia.

7. Teeth whitening: Ancient Roman doctors recommended their patients to use their urine as a teeth whitener. This is because of the presence of ammonia in the urine.

8. Stress urinary incontinence: My grandmother, when she crossed the age of 70, was unable to hold her pee while laughing or sneezing. A little pee used to leak. This is often observed in older women. It is believed that due to multiple or vaginal deliveries the muscles that assist in keeping the pee inside weaken. It rarely for men to have this defect.

9. Oliguria: Do you know how much amount should you pee in a day? It is 400 millimeters. And if you don’t pee this much you should seek a medical help.

10. A peeing machine: This isn’t a surprise for pregnant women. During pregnancy blood volume and kidney function change which leads to more urine formation.

How did you find these facts? Interesting right? Don’t ignore the alarming signs and stay healthy as your urine is not just a byproduct. It is more than that.