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Intimate Hygiene



Similar to general body hygiene, appropriate vaginal hygiene calls for very special attention. Despite the fact that women today spend a lot of money on their beauty products and other self-grooming stuff, however, the very significant intimate area is frequently ignored.

Alike our digestive system, which has friendly intestinal bacteria, the vagina too has some friendly bacteria which generate lactic acid.
Not astonishing, these good bacteria are believed to be the protector of the vagina and maintain the most favourable pH balance, hence critical for good vaginal hygiene.
Once this balance is disturbed, excessive growth of bad bacteria takes place in the genital area. And this condition simply leads to a vaginal infection that is known to cause issues such as gross odour, vaginal itching, soreness, irritation and burning sensation.
Women who normally wear tight undergarments or skin fit trousers for extended durations have a high possibility of getting an infection. Increased moisture levels encourage the growth of these hostile bacteria.
Always prefer cotton panties above synthetics. The natural cotton fibres soak up dampness in the crotch spot and support air passage, in doing so they decrease dampness in the vaginal region.
Make sure you change your wet or sweat-sticky clothing as quickly as possible. The moisture around the vaginal and crotch area promotes bacterial growth, leading to vaginal (yeast) infection, vaginal inflammation, foul vaginal smell and vaginal boils.
Another reason for UTI and vaginal infections could be non sanitised public toilets. Avoid UTI and vaginal infections by using Female Urination Devices, Girls best Friend for Unfriendly Toilets.