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Just Pee and See with pregnancy test strips

Did you just miss your period? Missing a period can be stressful irrespective of your marital status, much more stressful if you are unmarried obviously. But even if you are married and your period is late, you end up overthinking. And these thoughts begin with pregnancy and end with whether or not you are prepared for it. Well, a simple pregnancy test can put your worries to rest!



Pregnancy test strips are our saviors when missing periods give us sleepless nights! But, I have found normal pregnancy strips a tad bit too complicated to use. I never could gather my pee in the container in the first go, and it would spill all over. Yes, I am clumsy like that. And I could never imagine that there were other women like me. I thought I was the most inept. But then I met someone at one of the Sexual Reproductive Health Rights Seminar I was taking, and well, she was almost as clumsy as I am, if not more. It seemed as if I had found my soul sister! Now before I stray from the topic and turn this blog into recollections of my life, I would like to mention that many women in this world are like me, and who would want their pregnancy tests to be easier to handle.

Thankfully, Peebuddy listened and came up with a solution in the form of PeeBuddy PregRx Pregnancy Test Strips in Funnel - Easiest, Just Pee & See Instant Pregnancy Test - No dropper or container required - 3 Funnels. This is the answer to all our pregnancy strip related problems. It is a pregnancy strip with a difference!



The most impressive feature of the PeeBuddy Pregnancy Test Strip is that it is the world’s first integrated funnel for testing pregnancy at home. This means that it does not come with a separate container or dropper to collect the pee. All you need to do is just pee on the strip, and wait for the results to unfold right in front of your eyes. The results are instant- less than 90 seconds. These strips are easy to use, and their accuracy rate is 99%! And when I thought that it couldn’t be better than this, well PeeBuddy exceeded my expectations! These pregnancy test strips are made with bio-degradable paper, which means that you won’t be harming the environment while getting your pregnancy test done. How cool is that!



These pregnancy test strips are amazing. Yet, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while using it. First and foremost, do not store these strips in the freezer, store them in normal room temperature. Secondly, which is something that is not worth mentioning yet I will say it here- do not use the strips beyond their expiry date. And last but not least, these pregnancy test strips are for screening purposes only. Please do not start taking medications based on the results. Always consult a medical practitioner.

PeeBuddy’s brilliant product is totally eco-friendly, contains no infectious material, no plastic, and can be used so easily! Buy it on