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Lose that paunch without moving a muscle

At one point or the other, almost all of us have had something they would like to change about themselves. Sometimes it’s our skin while other times, it's our hair. Some do not like the way their body is shaped, and when they get stuck on what they want to change, they tend to lack self-esteem.

This blog is for people who have a recurring dream of losing that extra belly fat, giving way to that perfectly flat stomach with toned abs. Now, you may think that working out for hours and following all kinds of diet plans are the key to shedding excess fat but you couldn’t be further away from the truth. And these are just some of the less absurd things that people suggest once you’ve told them that you plan on losing all your belly fat by the end of the month.

Well, for those of you who want a flat stomach but can’t muster the willpower to do so are in for a treat. In this blog, I shall share four tips with you that will help you lose belly fat without a lick of exercise.

  1. Stay hydrated

The next time your grandmother tells you to drink 8-9 glasses of water a day, you can thank her. Various studies have shown that drinking water at regular intervals during the day increases the number of calories you burn in turn boosting your metabolic rate. Who knew that drinking plain old water does not only have plenty of health benefits but also helps you lose weight?

  1. Get your posture right

Whether you are stuck inside a cubicle or seated in front of a computer screen, try to watch your stance. Most of the times, we end up sitting with a slouch, and this can cause issues with your spine and lead to various health problems – protruding belly, lower back pain, headaches, to name a few. Even when you’re walking, imagine that you are balancing a book on your head as it helps you keep your head up and back straight.

  1. Eat healthily

As many times as you have heard this one before, this is one of the first things that you have to get right. You must include fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet especially soluble fiber that helps decrease the number of calories your body absorbs. Even adding food sources rich in protein, healthy carbohydrates, and vitamin C in your diet is essential if you want to lose weight. Also, eating in small quantities over a period rather than binge eating at one time reduces calorie intake.

  1. Reduce stress

Many women (men too) turn to food for comfort when they feel sad (especially during their period) or are feeling stress take a toll on them. While food may have a calming effect for some time, it leaves a reminder in the form of body fat. This is why it is rightly said that stress not only affects your mental health but also has consequences for your physical health. Some hormones in our body trigger its fight or flight response, but if these stress levels remain elevated for a longer time, it can cause a lot of health issues.

Now that you know how you can achieve that toned stomach without having to move a muscle, you can start incorporating them into your daily routine.