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Making the Public toilets safe and clean- Sanitize and go ahead

Public toilets are the saviors when we are out and are hit with an urgent need to pee. But the problem with them is that they come with this huge issue of germs and lack of hygiene. Most of the times we have no choice but to use them. So it is best to know of the ways to sanitize them before using to save yourself from bacterial attack. Here are the top two ways to sanitize public toilets.

1. Using a toilet seat cover

The toilet seat covers act as a shield between your skin and the toilet seat, thereby making sure that you do not come in direct contact with the germs. Most of the public toilets have such cover made from wax paper in holders inside each stall or hanging from the wall. You can wipe off the toilet seat with a tissue if it is already wet and then place the seat cover. While placing the seat cover make sure that the central tab is hanging down so it automatically flushes after use.

You can carry your own toilet seat cover for situations where there is no cover available in the bathroom. If carrying a toilet seat cover is too much of an issue for you, then there is another really simple way out to this. Make a toilet seat cover by using toilet papers. Just place one or two layers of toilet paper on the seat and sit. Do not forget to flush the papers too after you are done.

2. Disinfect the toilet seat

The toilet seat is the hub of the most bacteria and germs. So it is your best bet to disinfect the toilet seat before sitting on it. Begin with using some toilet paper to wipe the seat until you find it dry. A wet surface has more bacteria than a dry one. You can wet the paper with some soap and water before wiping the seat, just to be sure that it is clean.

Most people carry the bottle of hand sanitizer in their bag. Give a few drops of it on the toilet seat and then go ahead with wiping using the toilet paper. If you are someone who has to spend long hours outside then your best bet is to keep some disinfectant wipes in your bag. You can use the wipes on the seat to clean it before you sit to use it. Since you will need to flush the wipe after use, it is best to check if the wipe that you are using is flushable or not. You would not want to clog the toilet with your disinfectant wipes.

The other alternative to disinfectant wipes is the alcohol wipes. They are safer to use as they are gentler on the skin.  The website Pee Buddy says that when it comes to public toilets, the popular saying that it is better to be safe than sorry, holds very true. You can visit the website to know more about sanitation and hygiene.