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Me, My Bff, and PeeBuddy- The Travel Partners

Long drives aren’t just a thing for big gangs or a New Year’s Eve outing. My best friend and I find a long drive after a hectic week, quite therapeutic. To soothe our souls before facing the next Monday, we pack a pair of pajamas, food, and other necessities to keep us alive for the next sixty hours or so. And let’s not forget our travel partner, PeeBuddy.

I still remember this one incident when we had planned a trip to Jaipur. My best friend and I had started late in the evening and hadn’t packed much. After driving for two hours, taking food and drink breaks at regular intervals, we felt the urge to use the washroom. Alas, there wasn’t a single hotel or dhaba within proximity. We decided to distract ourselves so that we could hold in our pee until we found a proper restroom. Also, we couldn’t dare stop for a minute to relieve ourselves on a deserted highway, especially when it was pitch dark outside. We kept on singing out loud to the music playing on the radio, and after a while, our faces had turned red from holding in our pee.

At that moment, the only thing on our mind was finding a washroom or a petrol station enough to end our misery. We drove faster and much to our respite, and we found a refill station. We quickly parked and rushed to the loo. The sight that awaited us shook all our senses and our urges subdued. The smell was gross and the sight made us puke. We felt utterly helpless. We went back to the car and pulled out two tissue boxes, a deodorant, and went in. It took us fifteen minutes to make the restroom somewhat usable. We left in a hurry to prevent further disgust.


After this ordeal, a friend introduced us to PeeBuddy. So, the next thing we did was to find PeeBuddy- freedom to stand and pee on Nykaa and placed an order for it. When we came back our PeeBuddy travel kit was waiting for us that included peeing funnels, disposal bags, intimate wipes, feminine pain relief patch, mosquito repellent patch, and underarm sweat patch. At first we felt uncomfortable with the thought of standing and peeing but when we gave it a thought, we realised that it is amazing and probably a safer and hygienic way to pee especially while travelling. We knew in an instance that this has to be in our access every time and not just while traveling because we get to face dirty toilets almost every day.


Believe it or not, thanks to PeeBuddy, peeing while standing is no more only a man’s privilege. It has revolutionized the way we use public restrooms; without fear or judgement. It has made one of the basic necessities of life so much easier to attain, by giving girls the freedom to stand and pee without having to face the embarrassment of going behind the bushes or cleaning dirty toilet seats just for the sake of using it. All of this is very undesirable and unhygienic when it comes to women’s health. The situation gets even more difficult for pregnant women. Some of us have even tried to hover over toilet seats and tried to squat to relieve ourselves, but studies state doing so is harmful to our pelvic bones. Also, dirty toilets lead to infections in the urinary tract and other diseases including skin diseases, E. Coli, etc.

PeeBuddy has been a lifesaver when it comes to our unplanned adventures. Ever since we came to know about PeeBuddy, we have felt a sense of relief which had been missing in our previous escapades. PeeBuddy - Disposable, Portable Female Urination Device for Women gives us the freedom to stand and pee. After using it for the first time, our minds went back to every embarrassing incident that we had to face when we were out exploring. Whether it was falling headfirst into a bush while finding the perfect spot or some drops of pee landing on you even when you have found the perfect angle, these situations were quite comical. There were times when we desperately looked for hotels or dhabas when we needed to attend nature’s call.

That one incident changed our perspective towards our basic needs and now getting out of the house without this kit feels like a sin towards our self because not caring for personal hygiene can’t be forgiven. It’s a must-have for all the ladies and every other woman they care about. It’s not just the freedom to stand and pee that we get from using the kit but also the sense of relief we feel when we do not have to worry about sitting on a dirty toilet seat. It is a step towards self-care and showing love to our bodies. Grab yourself some love at Amazon and Nykaa.