Menstrual Insomnia: Effective Tips for Having a Sound Sleep during Menstruation

Research studies reveal that around 70% of the women experience sleep unrest for at least two to three days during their periods. Even if they doze off, they are unable to grab a quality sleep and feel irritated and exhausted throughout the day. A woman may have lack of adequate sleep during PMS due to the various painful and annoying symptoms viz. Bloating, Nausea, Stomach Pain, Backaches, Tenderness of the Breast and restlessness due to a mild increase in the body temperature.

While ovulating, there is usually a decline in the level of estrogen and also the metabolism rate slows down, which affects the REM sleep. Equally, during heavy flow days, a woman may suffer from anaemia or iron deficiency which may result in restlessness legs syndrome or cramps in the legs.

The following techniques if followed effectively can help a woman in coping with the problem of menstrual insomnia.

Create a comfortable and a conducive Bedroom environment for inducing sleep:

By making changes in the ambience and the entire feel of the bedroom, you can create a conducive environment for inducing a restful sleep. You can keep herbal and aromatic products in the bedroom for a refreshing feeling and make the sleeping area a quiet and a comfortable place, so that you may have a sound sleep.

Channelize your Thoughts to Positive and Productive Matters:

By rattling your mind around the problematic issues during sleep time, will make you further worried and depressive. Instead, focus on those matters which will leave you with a pleasant feeling or makes you happy such as your vacation plans along with the kids during the summer holidays or a materialising a get-together plan with your childhood friends.

Increase Fluid Intake:

By increasing the intake of liquids or healthy fluids, you can flush out the excess of sodium which is the leading cause of water retention or bloating tendency both before and during the period. This will help in reducing the discomforts related to periods and make you sleep peacefully.

Consume Calcium & Magnesium Rich Diet:

By increasing the composition of calcium in your diet, you can easily decrease the PMS symptoms and be relieved from the bloating tendency, tackle the psychological symptoms and control your increased hunger pangs. In addition to this, calcium has excellent sedative properties which will help you have a quality sleep. On the other hand, magnesium has a tranquillising effect on the muscles and brain by boosting the serotonin level, which will contribute to a relaxed and peaceful sleep.

Avoid Excessive Caffeine: 

Too much of caffeine intake can trigger the anxiety level and lead to sleeplessness. If taken in mild quantity during morning or afternoon, can surely relieve the PMS symptoms and be helpful in rejuvenating the body.

Exercise Early Morning:

For keeping fit and having a good night sleep, you must follow a disciplined early morning exercising regime for receiving early morning sunlight, which is a natural source of Vitamin D.

Taking Pain Killers and Oral Contraceptives:

For relieving yourself from the problem of insomnia during menstruation, you can have sleeping pills in consultation with a doctor, if the problem has been persistent since the last couple of months. Over the Counter Drugs, NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) such as Ibuprofens, Magnesium Supplement or Vitamin B Complex can soothe the period’s related pain and anxiety. Moreover, traditional remedies such as usage of heating pads or an intimacy session can provide a great deal of relief from the menstruation pain or discomfort. Meditation and concentration, aerobics are also natural methods of revitalising your body and promoting peaceful sleep. Studies reveal that women who take oral contraceptives face fewer issues of menstrual insomnia.

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