Monsoon Hygiene



I love Rain…You love Rain…We all love Rain…!

However, Monsoons also prove to be a boon for all sorts of bacterias & Viruses.

Here are few tips to avoid infections during monsoon ….

  • Avoid road side food
  • We all love that but avoid walking through rainy water as it may lead to fungal infection
  • Eat hot food and hot drinks to avoid infection.
  • Use mosquito repellant patched and bands while moving out or inside the home.
  • Keep umbrellas, raincoats while going out
  • Eat healthy food and avoid junk food as junk food can get you stomach infection.
  • Increase your immunity by using cloves, ginger, garlic in your food.
  • Avoid eating leafy salad.
  • Avoid getting wet and keep an extra set of clothes for an emergency.
  • Avoid swimming in pools as a precaution.
  • Keep hand sanitizers and paper soap in your bag.
  • Keep yourself clean and dry