Pets are aware that you are PMSing

Women during those special days of the month experience a mixed feeling of embarrassment and uneasiness sometimes due to the physical discomforts and PMS related cramps. All they expect is a sensitive approach from the people around her, to be loved and comforted. By following a disciplined lifestyle, eating substantially, taking ample rest and most importantly being happy, she can overcome the troubles of menstruation.

Pets provide great company to the humans and share the emotions with us as our companions. They are loved for their innocence, selflessness, dedication and loyalty towards their masters. Pets have strong intuitive powers and can sense changes whether emotional or physical changes which occur in humans.

Many females who have pets must have noticed that their pets shower special attention and attachments towards them when Mother Nature bothers them with the menstrual cycle. They keep sniffing around and love to cuddle with you by maintaining a physical proximity. You will observe that your dog will be hovering around the washroom and always be on a hunt for the sanitary pads or tampons which you dispose off in the trash bags or may be indulge in a search your dirty underwear. Different pets exhibit different kinds of behaviour while you are menstruating from being aggressive to being protective for you. This article provides an idea about how different pets react when you are on your periods:


Studies reveal that cats are very sensitive and have a strong sense of smell, hence can easily work out when you are having your periods. Many females have given a feedback that pet cats can very well detect their physical discomfort and demonstrate a change in their behaviour by snuggling and comforting them to relieve them from their menstrual cramps and changing your mood.


Dogs are extremely sensitive to different kinds of smell and can easily detect a change in and around their environment. They have such a strong sense of smell, that they are often used for detecting primary stages of cancer in a human body. Dogs can certainly correlate that you are on your periods and therefore smelling differently. As a result of which, certain behaviours like increased smelling of crotches or sneaking & sniffing tendencies while you are in the rest room for a change. They try to raid the trash bins and create a mess out of the used tampons or sometimes even eat them up. The dogs become extra nosey when they discover that you are menstruating and there are scientific explanations for justifying this kind of a behaviour. 

Research studies reveal that animals can detect the smell of the menstrual blood as they are sensitive to the smell of the chemical called pheromones which are released by the apocrine glands which are mostly located in the gonads of the animals and in humans it is concentrated around the groins and also the armpits. Dogs can sniff these pheromones with the help of their smell detecting organ called vomeronasal organ which can read the different kinds of smell around them.