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Prevention of Uterus Cancer beginnings with using Peebuddy

Using dirty toilets and not maintaining proper menstrual hygiene can create a lot of menace in our lives. According to data, one in every two women in India suffers from the Urinary Tract Infection. Now, this is a situation that requires immediate attention. Unfortunately, not a lot of the products available in the market are manufactured for combating this severe issue. Unhygienic toilets and lack of proper menstrual hygiene can lead to severe infections such as UTI and even cervical cancer. But, does that mean we, women, should stop enjoying their life, and sit at home for fear of contracting

Did you know that lack of menstrual hygiene is one of the major causes of cervical cancer? And no, using tampons or pads or even eco-friendly menstrual cup is not the only way to maintain proper menstrual hygiene, though they are still an essential part of it.

Maintaining excellent and healthy menstrual hygiene is of paramount importance. Poor menstrual health is intricately linked with several risk infections.  Women who use unhygienic sanitary products such as dirty cloth are more likely to suffer from urogenital infections or non-sexually transmitted infections. Unhealthy menstrual practices are linked to fungal infection, UTI, and even cervical cancer.  Cervical cancer is the cancer of the cervix or the uterine opening which is predominantly caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. Around 13200 Indian women are diagnosed with the uterus or cervical cancer. Lack of menstrual hygiene plays a significant factor in the development of this disease



Now the above statistics are not to scare you, but to make you more aware of how the lack of menstrual hygiene can lead to severe health consequences. We cannot stop menstruating, but we definitely can follow specific rules of hygiene.

Well, they say that if there is a problem, the solution cannot be far away! It turns out that the answer is right here, thanks to PeeBuddy. PeeBuddy like always has emerged as our saviour! The PeeBuddy travel kits both standard and premium, and the travel kit for pregnant women, are specially made for helping women in such situations.


First of all, we should always wash our hands before and after touching sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cups. Washing hands is the most basic rule of hygiene, and a highly effective one too. If you are using menstrual cups, then you should always sterilize them before applying in order to kill any germs.



PeeBuddy’s standard and premium travel kits for women go a long way in dealing with the problem of dirty toilets and lack of menstrual hygiene. The kits come with PeeBuddy funnel to effectively relieve yourself while standing and avoid coming in contact with the toilet seat. They also come with intimate wipes to clean your genitals properly and prevent any germs or infections. Additionally, other important things like clean disposal bags to dispose of your private use items cleanly and discreetly, and herbal pain relief patches are also provided. In a nutshell, this kit is a must-have for every woman.