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Some useful tips for when you're backpacking and need to pee

You’re out trekking with your friends, scaling heights you never thought your body was capable of until then. And right at the moment when you’ve made it to the top of the mountain, the inevitable happens. Or if you’re out camping in the wilderness, busy putting up your tent, and the sudden urge to pee strikes. What are you going to do now? All this time you had been feeling proud of yourself for staying hydrated just enough to last you all day, but when it’s time to go, there is nothing else that you can do. Does that spell the end of outdoor camping trips and treks? Absolutely not.

Since we don't want women to back out of plans that involve the term outdoors, especially if they're on a mixed-gender trip, here are a few tips and tricks that will prove useful. Whether you are on a beginner level or an expert, these practical words of wisdom will go a long way in solving your pee-related problems in the outdoors and are definitely worth a read.

  1. Pee Rags

The first question in your mind would be- what is a pee rag. Well, a pee rag is a small piece of cloth or fabric (anything you don't want to use again) that you use after you have peed to dry those last couple of drops. Once you've wiped yourself clean, instead of throwing the rag away, strap it to the outside of your backpack. This not only dries it off but also disinfects it because of exposure to the sun's UV rays. You can even use this rag multiple times without worrying about exposure to urinary tract infections or yeast infections. Another advantage of carrying a pee rag is that it keeps you from having to pack rolls of toilet paper and then having to worry about where to dispose of them.

  1. Pee Funnel

I know many women are jealous of men because all they have to do is find a spot and unzip their trousers to relieve themselves. This is why most female trekkers will swear by pee funnels when it comes to relieving themselves in the outdoors. PeeBuddy has come into our lives as somewhat of a godsend and has given us the freedom to pee in the open without having to look for a spot to squat behind the bushes.

Instructions for use- When you feel the urge to pee, grab your PeeBuddy urination device at, and place the funnel as much under your body as possible. Stand over it, point the tube outwards and away from you. To avoid any spills, make sure that all the sides of the pee funnel are in contact with your body, so it forms a complete seal. If you're unsure about trying this for the first time on your trip, you can practice at home till you have perfected it.

  1. Pee Bottle

When it is nighttime, and you're in the middle of nowhere, not a lot of us will find it in them to venture outside the tent to look for a spot for peeing. So, what do you do? Hold it in and wait for sunrise. That seems far-fetched, don't you think. In this case, carry a bottle with you, preferably one that is large enough to last five or six times. And if you're worried about reaching for the wrong bottle in the dark, you can label it with a glow-in-the-dark marker.

Instructions for use- Using the bottle is quite similar to using the funnel, kneel and place it under you, so it creates a full seal. If you think this will not work, you can use the pee funnel to pee directly into the bottle. Practice this at home too till you're confident in using a bottle and pee funnel.

Since it is more likely that women will end up having pee-related hygiene and health issues on outdoor trips, it is essential to keep in mind your hygiene. One other tip that will come in handy for your outdoor adventures is always to sanitise. Carry a hand sanitizer since it might not still be possible to find water and soap around you.