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Stop pausing your life during those 5 days, start acting!

Every woman goes through those five days in a month when she is menstruating. The pain and discomfort put life in limbo for those days. Women at times like to skip work and take it easy. However, all that has now started to change. Instead of putting a stop to various activities of the day, women are now getting sprightly. Various sanitary pad advertisements advocate staying as active and energetic as one would usually feel during the rest of the month. The quality, availability, and accessibility of sanitary napkins have also gone through a vast transformation.


Many theatre groups organize street plays to inform and educate women. Women enact scenes that celebrate a feeling of independence. Their vision is to eradicate the stigma behind it. Girls perform scenes with white clothes and a blot of red on the back to show that this is normal and not something extraordinary. Here are some ways to stay active during menstruation:


Stretching and exercise

Just sitting around during your periods will not help. A little bit of exercise such as walking, stretching, yoga, etc. can increase the blood flow which reduces cramping. A heating pad or a hot water bottle on the stomach will provide relief to the aching muscles and lessen the impact of cramps.

A hydrated body is vital


When you have your periods, the body tends to get puffed up, and there is bloating. At least ten glasses fluids such as water, milk or juice should be consumed, to stay hydrated during the day. The more water one drinks, the better the elimination of it from the body.

Women should eat healthy food

The intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is a better bet than snacking on greasy junk food, laden with salt and sugary stuff.

Caffeine needs to be avoided

To avoid water retention, it is essential to avoid coffee, teas, and foods such as sodas and chocolate which contain caffeine. Instead, women should opt for green or herbal tea or stick to just plain water.

Get enough sleep


It’s very important to get a good night’s rest of 8-9 hours to feel fresh and energetic for the next day.

Maintain a way to track your periods

Instead of worrying when your period will arrive or being surprised, keep track of when you get your period. This includes the duration, starting date, ending date, how heavy the blood flow is and the side effects encountered during the periods. By being organized, you will be prepared.

Use what suits you best.

These could be tampons or pads. Find what you are comfortable in and use it during your periods.

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