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The Colour Of Your Pee Can Be The Indicator Of Your Health

We do not wish to scare you, but there is a possibility that you may be ignoring some serious alarm signals that may be visible from the colour of your pee.

The common notion is that if the colour of your urine is clear, you are probably safe! Sadly, it is just not that simple. In general terms, your urine must be clear enough for you to read a newspaper through a bottle of pee. However, a slight yellow tinge in the urine is absolutely healthy and natural. Products like the Sirona’s Mother & Child Kit are good options if you are keen on preserving your intimate health. 

How does the colour of your urine determine your health?

  • If you have been consuming copious amounts of broad beans or rhubarb, brown tinted urine is acceptable. Antibiotics could also be the cause of brown urine. But, do rule out kidney or liver disorder.
  • Red or pink urine could be an indicator that there is blood in your urine, and yes it could be a serious issue! If you a keen high impact sports person, it could be a sign of injury to the urinary bladder. A little blood in the urine can signify serious ailments like cancer or kidney stones. In a lighter vein, blackberries or other richly coloured foods may also be the culprit behind reddish urine!
  • Vitamin supplements may cause bright yellow urine. The excess vitamins that your body cannot absorb may be excreted through urine, giving it a bright yellow hue. Do increase the intake of water if the colour is more straw-like as it could be a sign of slight dehydration.
  • If your urine is clear, you probably do not much to worry about. But do take a note of the amount of water you are consuming. If it is excessive, it might lead to diluted urine and blood and electrolyte disorders, as your intake is higher than the output. If you do drink a lot of water do not hesitate to use the bathroom often. Use a device like the Peebuddy which is a disposable, portable female urination device for women to combat dirty or unhygienic loos.
  • Cloudy urine could be a sign of bacterial infection in your urinary tract. They are easy to treat and should never be ignored. Do use Intimate Wet Wipes to keep infection at bay.
  • Dehydration may cause you to pass bright orange urine. This is common in the first-morning urine as your kidneys have been busy all night. Too many salty foods may also cause your body to retain water, giving rise to orange hued urine. Hit the water bottle with a vengeance. But, do get your liver function tested if the condition persists. 

Read the indications smartly

Pee can be an indicator of health and can help in many an early diagnosis if we learn to read our bodies well. Use devises to maintain hygiene and cleanliness and stay in the clear of urine! (Oops!) health.