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The period conversation- tampon vs menstrual cups

There is no end to period conversations. We, women, always want to know more and more about menstruation - starting from how to reduce period pains to which the most comfortable tampon or cup is, we want to know everything. And why shouldn’t we? After all, periods are a permanent part of our lives. So we should try to understand and know as much as possible about them.


One of the most important topics is which product to use during periods. And believe it or not, a lot of doctors and medical researchers have given serious consideration to them. And why shouldn’t they? Given that an average woman uses about 10,000 sanitary products during her lifetime, it is natural that importance would be given to such discussions.

Do you prefer tampons or menstrual cups? If you have not heard about menstrual cups till now, well, a menstrual cup is a bell-shaped cup made of rubber (latex) or silicone that can be reused after a thorough cleaning. These cups are designed to collect menstrual fluid, unlike tampons that absorb it. This fluid is meant to be disposed of later.


If you are unsure about whether to ditch your favorite tampon for menstrual cups, well, I can briefly shed light on some of the advantages of a menstrual cup. I love using menstrual cups, mostly because they are hygienic, reusable, sanitary products, made from a soft, medical grade silicone.

Well, first of all, I am a pretty lazy person. I hate to go to the bathroom again and again to change tampons or pads. A menstrual cup has a high storing capacity. I can easily wear one menstrual cup for over 12 hours, without cleaning it. Of course, I rinse the cup just in case I have to go to the washroom to pee in between. Otherwise, I don’t like going to the restroom to check if I need to change my tampon or pads. Most menstrual cups hold around 20-25 ml of menstrual fluid. Also, the amount of fluid and blood lost during periods differs, ranging from 10-80ml across 2 to 7 days. So you can easily figure out that menstrual cups can store more liquid than tampons can soak.

Menstrual cups are hygienic too. Unlike tampons, they won’t deposit fibers in your vaginal wall. I am not saying that all tampons do that, but on some days, it can be quite uncomfortable. Also, a silicone menstrual cup, will not irritate the skin, hence are perfectly suitable for women with skin allergies.


And on top of everything, menstrual cups, since they are reusable, are also environment-friendly. As per statistics, an average woman throws away around 125-150 kg of tampons, pads, and applicators, which end up in landfill sites. But using menstrual cups means you don’t have to dispose of anything, so you end up keeping the environment clean. It is a win-win situation.

Last but not least, menstrual cups offer comfort. No, seriously. I have gone running, hiking, trekking, wearing a menstrual cup, and never once faced a leak. My body has grown used to it.

Menstrual cups are amazing! Do use them, and make sure you wash your hands properly and sterilize the product before using, to prevent infections. You can take your pick at