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The Public toilets- Using it in the right way

So you are out travelling or partying with your friends and suddenly you have the unstoppable urge to pee. The only place that you can head to is a public toilet. Now the public toilets come with their own issues of cleanliness and other such problems. Here are the top five things to do if you are going to use the public loos to relieve yourself.

Rule Number 1: Use the paper napkins

By saying use the paper towel, it is not meant that use them just to wipe your hands or behind. Take the paper towel in your hand to turn on and off the faucet and to hold the handle of the door. Yes, the doors and the faucets are the prime areas of concern as they are the places that you touch before washing the hands. You do not want to be contaminated by germs. So be safe by using a paper napkin to touch everything.

Rule Number 2: Stay aware of the flush

Do not just walk in right at the moment that someone is walking out of the public toilet. Yes, they have flushed but the germs from their flushing might still be present in the air. Your germs do not harm you but others do. It is advisable to be fully clothed and flush right before you are about to go out of the toilet. The residual germs of the toilet should not cause you any harm.

Rule Number 3: Do not squat

You must use paper toilet protectors to save yourself from the infections on the toilet seat. Now that you have placed the barrier between yourself and the seat, you must sit and not squat. Hygiene is the most important consideration when using the public toilets. If you squat then you are further dirtying the toilet seat which is so unnecessary.

Rule Number 4: Protect your belongings

Never ever, as a rule, keep your personal things like bags and phones on the floor of the bathroom. As soon as the thing hits the floor, the germs and bacteria stick to it and spread to wherever you carry it with you. You carry your bag with you to your office and your room. The germ spreads to not just your body but also to the ones that are around you. Place the bags on the hook of the door when you enter the public toilet.

Rule Number 5: Wash the hands properly

This is the basic rule of personal hygiene. You must wash your hands after your work is done to ensure that the germs are washed off. Wash your hands for a full 20 seconds to make sure that you have left the germs behind as you walk out. Disinfect the phone too if you have used it in the toilet.

You can visit the website Pee Buddy to know more about the do-s and don’t-s of personal hygiene. This has all the information and trivia that you need to know on how to keep the bladders and tracts germ free and healthy.