The 7 Countries Should Take Pride For Clean Public Loos

The idea that public loos and cleanliness do not go hand in hand is just a myth. A common complaint that most people have while travelling in India is that they cannot find a clean public toilet. How many times has it happened that you have entered a public toilet and come out immediately due to the sight or the stink? But there are several countries around the world that have some of the cleanest toilets you can think of. Here comes the list of the top seven such countries of the world.

1. Japan

Japan is leading the way in not just technology but even when it comes to public toilets. It has the cleanest facilities that you can think of and the best part is that there are toilets available everywhere. From departmental stores to railway stations, you will find a place to relieve yourself. They are super tidy and regular maintenance is carried out.


2. The United Kingdom

The thing about the UK is that even the tiniest place will offer you clean and free public toilets. People call them super-loos for how swanky they look like. From the northern part of Trafalgar Square to the southern end, the toilets are superb. You will even get proper toilet papers and dryers and that too with no undue stink.


3. Switzerland

Next up on the list is the country that is the tourist destination of the world. The public loos here are spotlessly clean. Yes, so clean that you can even lie down on them! But the only thing that you must keep in mind is to carry a few francs with you as the public loos do not come for free in Switzerland.

4. Scandinavia

Scandinavia has a reputation as an overall clean country. This cleanliness extends to the public loos as well. The flush works perfectly and the papers are stacked in with care. The only thing is that some of them are free and some of them are not. So carry some coins with you in case you need to use the loos in an emergency.

scandanavia-public toilet

5. Germany

The Germans surely know how to keep their toilets clean which is evident in their public loos. But here also the cleanliness comes at a cost and it will help you if you have some 50 cent pieces at hand. The toilets of this country are as five-star as the restaurants and hotels of the place.

6. America

Yes, this place keeps the public loos spick and spank. You get the toilet paper within reach and the easy to use flusher. They are cleaned at regular interval so you get a clean loo every time you look for one.

7. China

The public loos of this country will not disappoint you with their cleanliness. In fact, the top rated place in this respect is Taiwan which has toilets so clean that you can eat sitting in them (not saying that you are going to!). Carry some money with you as not all of them are free.

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