Things An Ideal Public Toilet Should Have

We all have dreamt of our ideal bedroom or our perfect marriage, between all this our hygiene takes a back-seat, especially when it comes to our intimate hygiene. Whenever we think of public toilets, we can’t help but imagine a dirty and small stall that is full of bacteria.

Fearing public toilets?

clean public toilet

Often we find ourselves avoiding public toilets for the fear of contracting some disease. During the nerve-wracking moments even if we dare to venture into the confines of the toilet, we may find ourselves pushing open the stall door with our elbows, hovering over the toilet seat rather than let our skin touch it, and end up flushing the toilet with our shoe. And then we think we have avoided all the germs. Shouldn’t we all take a step towards a cleaner environment for relieving ourselves in public?

The toilet from our dreams

There are some things that we have noticed lacking in a public restroom and here is a list of must-haves in a public toilet.

1. Separate space for men and women- It may sound weird, but there are many places where we find unisex toilets. They are not only a risk for our hygiene but also our safety. Many women avoid the toilets for fear for their safety.

2. Proper locking mechanism- Many toilets do not have a lock or latch. And many do not enter the stall for the same reason. After all who wants to be caught doing their private business.

3. Toilet paper- Ever been in the toilet and run out of toilet paper at home. Imagine running out of paper when you are in a public restroom. To avoid the awkward situation of waiting for someone to hand you a roll of paper, they should continuously stock the toilet with enough toilet paper.


4. Soap- There should be soap in the washrooms at all times. How are we supposed to just walk out of there without washing our hands? Even the thought of it gives me the shudders. We can also carry sanitizer, but it can’t replace soap.


5. A housekeeping staff- We always want to keep our house and bathroom clean. The same applies to public restrooms. The cleaning lady should maintain cleanliness and hygiene around the toilets to prevent the spread of diseases.

6. Sanitary pads- Girls can get their period at any time, and sometimes we forget to carry a pad with us. In those times, a stock of sanitary napkins in public toilets can always come in handy.