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Tips To Use Hand Sanitizers Effectively


There’s a proper way to make use of hand sanitizers and not many of us know about it. First and foremost it's important that you pick the right kind of sanitizer/ hand disinfectant from the market. Make sure that the alcohol content exceeds 60% which suffices to kill the germs. Also, make sure that it has natural moisturisers added like aloe vera for keeping your skin hydrated.

Tips for effective usage:

  • Hands should be not be soiled or greasy: To use a hand sanitizer efficiently, ensure your hands look clean, devoid of any noticeable dirt and muck before application. Otherwise, the sanitizer will not be able to kill the germs.
  • Squeeze out an adequate/generous amount of sanitizer into your palms: Almost two teaspoons. It should be enough to cover your palms, wrist, fingers and nails. The fluid should cover your entire hands and not just limited to your palms.

Use Sanitizer - Pee Buddy

  • Vigorous rub: Rub the sanitizer vigorously all over your hands, palms, fingers, fingertips and especially nails for good thirty seconds. Once your hands are dried out, you’re done.
  • No Towel drying: For no reason wash your hands with water or dab them dry with a tissue or a towel after the use of the hand sanitizer as this will work against the effect of the product.