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Toilet Etiquette



Are you being called a “ Toilet Bumbo “ behind your back???

Read the pointers below and avoid being an unpleasant co-worker/roommate / co-diner:

  • Do not leave it wet. Don’t spill water on the floor. Wipe the wash basin after use and don’t leave your marks behind on the seat cover.
  • Always carry along your own wet wipes, soft tissues so that in case you need to use a public toilet and you find the tissues/ toilet roll missing, your personal supplies can come handy.
  • Door handles, knobs, faucet and sanitary bins are not likely the uncontaminated stuff to lay a hand on. So you must use wet wipes/hand sanitizer every time you need to touch them.
  • Cleanse and rub hands with soap thoroughly for bare minimum 10 seconds
  • Avoid the air dryers to dry your wet hands. They are likely to suck in bacteria from the surrounding air and puff it out on your hands. Bacteria grow well in hot spots and the dryers only give them the favourable environment.
  • Never ever step and sit on on the seat! The individuals doing the toilet cleaning don’t need that extra bit of work and neither does the subsequent user.
  • Use odour controlling Disposal Bags. Dispose of sanitary pads, tampons & baby diapers only in disposal bags & throw them in dustbins. Do not clog toilets and sinks with these.
  • Do not chuck tissues, random lint balls, candy wrappers and other debris like hair strands etc. into the wash basin, floor or urinal. It is very annoying for the other toilet users and cleaners.
  • Always flush. Spare a few seconds to check and if one flush is not enough Please Re-flush!
  • Do not chitchat in washrooms. Contrary to the conviction of some office staff, a public bathroom is not a workspace with an attached toilet. For that reason, don’t utilize this particular space to gossip, conduct business or to make phone calls.
  • Last but not the least….Do Not Put up with unhygienic toilets. Use Pee Buddy to stand up & pee !!!!