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Top 5 Crazy Facts To Know About Public Toilets

Public toilets are the boon because of how they come to the rescue in our desperate need to pee, and bane for all the reputation of germs and unhygienic conditions that they have earned. Funny thing is that almost all of us have certain quirky public toilet habits. Even more interesting thing is that there are several facts about the public toilets that you do not know yet. Here are the top five of such wacky and useful facts.

1. Flushing with foot
Yes, this is one habit that most people have to avoid coming into contact with germs. It is actually a smart move. The germs from the spray on the bowl can travel as far as six feet and given the distance of the handle from the bowl, it is no wonder that they have spread there too. So ready try on some acrobatics with your foot in the toilet next time?

2. The cleanest stall
Studies have found that the cleanest stall in a public toilet is usually the one near the entrance. This is because it is used the least due to people skipping it over to go into other stalls. So the next time you are in a public toilet, you know which one to head for.

3. The sink and the germs

The toilet seats have all the reputation of being infested with germs when it comes to public toilets. But did you know that the sinks are one of the most germ-laden parts? Think of it as this- people come out of the stall and wash their hands in the sink so all the germs are getting transferred there. The sinks are forever wet which makes it a bacterial breeding ground. Besides, most people do not even follow the 20-second rule of washing hands.

4. The sad truth about soaps

You would think that the soap is the one thing that kills all the bacteria and is the cleanest of them all in a public toilet. Sadly, that is not the case. The soaps sometimes contain so many germs that you will find lesser germs on the toilet seat. The airborne bacteria can land at ease in an open container. They can find their way in if the person who is refilling the soap container has just come from cleaning the toilet.

5. The gender tales of washing hands

A study in 2007 suggested that only about 30% men wash their hands properly after using the toilet, as compared to 60% of women. Wash your hands for a full 15 to 20 seconds (try singing “happy birthday” in your mind twice to keep count!) then rinse well and dry thoroughly. Turn your face away if you are using a dryer to dry your hands. You don’t want to inhale germs.

The website Pee Buddy says that the public toilets need not give you the scares if you use it right. You can visit to know more about toilet manners and personal hygiene.