Fight the pesky loo germs with the top five tricks

Hygiene is certainly the one thing on your mind if you are entering a loo, more specifically a public loo. There is no option to avid the public loos when you are out. But there are definitely ways to avoid germs in the public loos. Here are the top five ways that you can try to avoid coming into contact with those dreaded germs.

Trick number 1: Dealing with the taps

The automatic, motion-detecting taps are the best things to have in the loos as in that case you do not need to touch the tap that has been touched by so many others before you. But if you get the screw taps and not the automatic ones, grab a paper napkin before you begin washing your hands. Open the tap using by covering your hands with the paper napkin. After you are done use another paper towel to close the tap and open the restroom door.

Trick number 2: Drying your hands thoroughly

Drying of the hands is as important as washing them as the wet hands are the breeding ground of the bacteria. Wet hands may lead to bacterial transfer. The germs spread to and from it very easily. But wait, before you head towards the dryer in the loo. They have greater chances of carrying airborne bacteria. The best bet is to dry it thoroughly using paper napkins.

Trick number 3: Leaving clothes lying around

This one trick applies to the bathrooms of your house. If you are someone who has the habit of leaving the clothes lying around on the bathroom floor, then stop and abort immediately. It does not matter if you are putting them in the drawer or the wash basket afterwards. Everything they come in contact with gets contaminated. And that includes your hands!

Trick number 4: Cleaning of the bathrooms

Most people go about cleaning the bathroom in the wrong. The area of focus remains the toilet seat as it has earned the reputation of being filled with germs. Scrub the entire bathroom area. Do not make the common mistake of leaving out the door handles and switches. You touch them every time you enter and leave. Think of the number of germs that can be on them!

Trick number 5: The no-touch soaps

Try getting hold of the no-touch soap dispensers. The soap dispensers are the first thing that people touch after their work is done. Just think of the number of germs that can be on that thing. And you thought soap is the cleanest thing in a bathroom! Thankfully, there are several of the dispensers that are motion-sensing and need no touching. Wash your hands for 20 seconds before leaving.

The website Pee Buddy states that the loos can be spick and span with just a little effort. We need that little effort too if we want to keep ourselves spick and span. The website will give you all the tricks and trivia that are there to know about cleanliness, hygiene and more.