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Training for toilets - teaching the loo manners to your little ones

Kids are our naughty little darlings. Teaching them anything is super fun but also a lot of work. The one thing that every parent must start as soon as possible is toilet manners. Your kids will be much appreciated if they know the how and when and everything else of loo manners. Here looking at five toilet manners for each gender.

The little girls

  • Girls need to sit while peeing (obviously!). Teach them to squat only on the toilets that need squatting. Not all toilets need squatting; in fact, it makes the toilet seat dirty. Tell them to strictly avoid doing that.
  • Teach them the importance of cleanliness. Tell your little princess to flush properly after finishing up. Not flushing is one of the cardinal sins when it comes to toilet manners. You don’t want to be embarrassed when you take your girl to a friend’s place.

  • Tell them not to place their bags on the floor of the bathrooms. The same bag they carry everywhere from their classrooms to bedrooms and that is how the germs spread. They should hang the bags from hooks or keep it outside while entering.
  • Tell your girl not to litter inside the toilet. This is one advice that will stay with them when they grow up and start having their first periods. They will remember to not litter the bathrooms with their sanitary napkins.
  • Wiping away properly after she is done is the basic manner that she needs to learn. The little girl must not forget to wipe away clean after she is done taking the dump.

The little boys

  • The first thing that you must teach a boy is to pee in the pot and not everywhere else. The biggest problem that the boys have is aiming for the pot rightly. Tell him that it is a strict no-no if he drops it anywhere else.
  • Tell him that it is okay to sit in the pan if your little boy is not steady on his feet to stand and pee. Teach him that sitting does not make him any less of a guy and he is definitely not imitating girls by doing this.
  • Washing of their hands is another manner of prime importance. Your little boy must clean his hands with water every time he goes to the toilet. Teaching him that washing of hands is not only for when he goes for potty.
  • Teaching to flush is something that you need to tell both the girls and boys. He must keep the toilets clean by flushing up and then putting the toilet seat down after his work is done.
  • The last piece of advice is to tell them not to look away or sideways while peeing. This makes them miss the pot and pee everywhere else which is so not done. The little boys do not to concentrate when they pee!

The website Pee Buddy says that best part about teaching these manners is that your children will be highly praised no matter wherever you take them with you. The website has all the interesting details on toilet etiquettes and personal hygiene that you would love to read.