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Urinary Incontinence


Urinary incontinence is said to happen when the usual course of urine storage and passing is disturbed by a particular factor. And it leads to involuntary urination or simply a leakage. This can take place for numerous reasons and few factors might as well add to the possibility of initiating urinary incontinence. A few of the potential causes will be responsible for urinary incontinence for a short/temporary period, whereas others might lead to long duration/chronic type urinary incontinence.

Few known causes of urinary incontinence:

  • Lifestyle factors like stress, smoking and high alcohol intake.
  • Constipation causes the bladder nerves to be overactive and therefore increase urinary frequency.

  • Any damage that has been caused during delivery, predominantly if the child was born through a normal delivery rather than by caesarean section.
  • Added abdominal pressure because of obesity or pregnancy.
  • Any damage caused to the urinary bladder or neighbouring area at some point- could be in surgery, while removing a woman’s womb also called hysterectomy or during the prostate gland removal in men.
  • Neurological conditions and other ailments, for example, Parkinson’s, diabetes, multiple sclerosis etc negatively impact the urinary system.
  • Particular drugs/medicines are also known to induce incontinence issues.
  • People suffering from bladder stones, urinary tract infections etc are also known to have incontinence issues.