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Washroom Cleaning

Cleaning your Restrooms is one of the toughest tasks; however, if you choose the right cleaning product and instructions for using them, one can easily bring down the chance of cross-contamination and certify a sanitized and healthy washroom. Some general rules that apply to keeping your washroom disinfected:

  • Focus on the most germ-prone areas: Cleaning experts can help thwart cross-contamination in washrooms by concentrating on cleaning and sanitizing efforts on areas which are highly vulnerable to germs things such as faucets, countertops, toilet seat, toilet tissue roll dispensers, toilets door knobs, flush handles, stall latches and locks.
Sanitation - Pee Buddy


  • Separate cleaning equipment for Different objects: Since cleaning gear and apparatuses become dirtied/infected during the cleaning procedure, it is essential not to use the same cleaning equipment for cleaning, wiping multiple things, in other words, if one wipe is being used to clean the floor tiles, it should not be used to clean the wall tiles or the countertop.
  • Cleaning equipment also needs to be sanitised: Unclean dusting / wiping rags, sponges, cleaning brushes and mops if used for multiple objects will carry germs from one spot to the other, which necessitates that the cleaning gear to be disinfected after use by dipping or washing in cleansing solutions.
  • Do not compromise on the quality of the cleaning supplies: Always use a good quality and reputed brand of cleaners / sanitising solutions to ensure that your washroom is cleaned properly and completely sanitised.
  • Discard and replace the old cleaning equipment: at least once in a quarter. And do not keep the cleaning equipment close to each other as they will contaminate each other if they are placed in close contact.