What is Nocturia?


When you pee excessively during the night, the condition is termed as Nocturia. It is very common in the old age because as we age, our body is not able to produce an adequate amount of anti-diuretic hormone which helps us to retain fluid, also as we age the bladder is not able to hold back and urges us to release frequently.

The condition is not to be confused with bedwetting as the person suffering from Nocturia is fully aware and wakes up once feels the urge to urinate and obviously uses the washroom to empty his bladder, contrarily in case of bedwetting, the person suffering from the condition may not be conscious while sleeping and pass urine on his bed and therefore termed bedwetting. Nocturia causes sleep loss, particularly amongst the older adults. Most people with Nocturia can manage to sleep for 6 -8 hours without getting disturbed in sleep (having to urinate).

Patients suffering from a severe condition of Nocturia possibly will wake up five-six times all through the night to go to urinate and therefore suffer from disturbed sleep. Nocturia is an indicator of other health conditions like urinary infection, prostate, liver failure, diabetes, pregnancy and diuretic drugs. Drinking too much alcohol can also cause Nocturia.

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