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What Men think of when they’re peeing?

We all have seen the movies & series where a man is too possessive about his loo breaks. They don’t want to be poked or disturbed while they concentrate on whatever is it that they are doing. It’s like their thinking vessel. While we all become deep thinkers as we poop, ever wondered what goes on in a man’s head when they are peeing?

Yes, ladies! They do as they hold their junk and pee! We did a survey and came up with the following exciting answers. Check them out! Also, if you want to stand and pee like a man, you surely can with PeeBuddy!

1. Relief, Relaxed or “I’m in HEAVEN!”

Well that was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? When the pressure is too much to handle, anyone is bound to feel that way. As the yellow liquid flows down the urinal hole, a sense of pleasure and the sound of relaxation is experienced. The after feel is as if you’re in heaven.


2. “Uh? Is he watching me?”

Oh yes! They too have that shy nature. Majority of men leave one urinal gap if the loo isn’t crowded. If they catch the person standing adjacent to them watching, the situation becomes pretty awkward, and they start thinking whether he's gay to stare him like that.

3. “What if my thing could go bigger?”

While men are high on ego based on the size of their junk, during their pee breaks, they do fantasize about their tap to be longer and bigger. Well ladies, let’s give them a pass for it. After all don’t we also wonder what if our boobies could grow bigger every time we watch ourselves in the mirror?


4. “Why is his weenie so tiny?”

These are the thoughts of men who are randomly watching other men alongside peeing and happen to notice their weenies. Seeing the size of the other weenie, either boost up their male ego or make them think “he must be good in bed” or “he must be a grinder.” Either way, Gross guys! Why would you stare in the first place?

5. “I wish all my stress could be flushed out like this pee.”

Men who are stressing too much about something in their personal life or work life, they become philosophical seeing their liquid getting discharged. All they wish is to flush out their set of problems instantly like they flush their pee and have a merry life again. (weird, but true!)

6. Smoking

This is the most common thought men have when they are out for a pee break. They wonder whether they should smoke after they pee or should start quitting. Guys, we say stop. Thinking to smoke while you pee is injurious too. Stay healthy and quit smoking.


7. “Let’s play bull’s eye.”

Let’s admit it; men are high on taking up challenges. For some peeing right into the urinal-hole is a challenge. Yes, at times when they hit their target, they shout out of excitement too. Guys, we judge you!

8. “Is my pee yellow than before?

Time to drink water.” The men who notice the color of their pee are big on keeping themselves hydrated and healthy. They are the ones who monitor with the amount of yellowness of their pee how much in need of water they are.


9. “Wash or no wash!”

Need we elaborate this more? Are you actually that gross as to think about washing your hands? You just touched your junk, hello?? Even if it’s your most covered part, it’s your excretion part too. Wash, Wash, Wash! No need to think, it is a reflex!

10. “Oh God! When will it end?”

When a guy held onto his pee for far too long, it seems a never-ending job. All he can think about is for it to end.

11. “What if pee-ed while I’m in the act?”

For men who have sex on their mind, this is a common thought. Well, guys, you can’t. It’s either this or that. Period.

12. “Did that guy just fart? Oh God! Muli ke paranthe, man!

Gross!” Another common notion experienced by men as they visit their loos. If a guy farts, the smell spreads. And when you can smell the food that created it? We don’t want to go there.