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Why Not Unisex Toilet!!

It is said that women have started getting rights equal to men; right to education, right to vote, right to drive, etc. We are striving to achieve that equality in every field. But, what about health awareness? Research in terms of female ailments is lagging behind. The hygiene and medical facilities are in total jeopardy.

The washroom (restroom in popular terms) is the place where people come and relax. But we all know what the condition of public washroom (both men and women) is in our country. We need to think twice before using one even for seconds.

This scene is slowly changing with unisex toilets. Yes, same toilet for both the sexes. In the recent past, I have visited many restaurants that have unisex washrooms. I will take you through the pros and cons. Depending on the points mentioned below, you take a call whether you should go for unisex washrooms or no.

1. No time to stand and stare: The overall washrooms are designed keeping the men and their priority in sight. Hence same size and number of bathrooms for both men and women. But we cannot ignore the fact that women have a small bladder. They cannot hold their pee for long and stand in queue. Also, the kind of dresses they wear, especially sari, they need sufficient space to move around. It becomes difficult for them to pee in teeny-weeny washrooms. Just imagine this scene while you are traveling and the bus is about to wait for a few minutes, and on top, there is a long queue. Pathetic right? This problem is solved to some extent with the advent of unisex washrooms. They are designed in such as way that both men and women can use them comfortably.

2. Beneficial for the third gender: In a country like us, this gender has to face a lot of issue in terms of public toilets. There is confusion among them which one to use. The concept of unisex toilets is a sure shot solution to their trouble.

3. Saves money: Who wouldn’t want this? A penny saved is a penny earned. Unisex toilets will save the cost required to build toilets for both the sexes. No need to build extra toilets, no need of extra fixtures. Simple mathematics. You will also save on space.


1) Sexual assault: We cannot turn a deaf ear to this issue. It is likely to happen. Many people are strictly against this idea owing to this.

2) Paruresis: This is also known as a shy bladder syndrome. It is a kind of anxiety that prevents sufferers from attending the toilet in presence of others. It is not proven that unisex toilets lead to this syndrome. But it might be due to the existence of members of opposite sex. I think women on a larger scale evidently have this syndrome.

I am pretty sure you must have got a fair idea about the unisex toilets from the pros and cons. Many must have also used them by now.

As there are more pros than cons related to unisex toilets we definitely can use them.