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Why we love PeeBuddy? And you should too

A wise man once said - “Prevention is better than cure.”
I wonder if he was talking about my new friend PeeBuddy.

Before I begin ranting about WHY I love PeeBuddy, let me paint you a picture (word of caution – it’s not going to be a pretty picture!)

Its 6:00 a.m. in the morning I am at the airport, waiting for boarding. Suddenly the need to use the facilities arises. While I did my best to avoid this situation (no water since 8:00 pm last night + no coffee today morning) still I need to PEE. So I reluctantly walk towards the loo and quickly make a dash for it. Now this is where the “Prevention is better than cure” guy comes in, had I prevented using the public toilet, I may have enjoyed my trip to Singapore without a terrible infection.


I shared my dilemma with my friends and just like me many of them have had the public toilet nightmare time and again. You can’t underestimate the fact that intimate hygiene is one of the most important aspects of the women’s health. Thus my quest to find a solution began and that’s how I met my pal PeeBuddy.

PeeBuddy is a portable female urination device that makes urinating at public places easier for females. This device makes urination for women easier at public toilets where you can stand and pee. I have seen a lot of women complaining about how they have got infections, irritation and many other health problems due to the dirty toilets, this further leads to issues like the irregular menstrual cycle, bladder problems, fungal infection and what not.

What is PeeBuddy?

It is a portable female urination device; funnel shapes and laminated with the water-resistant coating. This device is very easy to carry around and easily disposable as well. It can be a perfect friend for women like me who won’t compromise on health and hygiene.


PeeBuddy is especially a blessing for pregnant women, arthritis, cancer patients, working professionals, travellers, and trekkers. This is a onetime use disposable device which must be an essential part of your hygiene and your toiletry kit.

Some facts related to the women sanitation and hygiene-

  • According to the findings, women and girls revealed that they ranked toilet as an important need whereas men said it’s not a priority. Unfortunately women have little voice in decision-making, which makes it difficult for them to have a voice towards these issues.
  • Old and differently able people have also mentioned the extreme difficulties that they have faced. No just the hygiene but the infrastructure is such that it becomes very difficult for them to get used to urinating in public toilets.


  • According to a research it takes only 2 to 4 hours for the bacteria’s to spread over 60% of frequently handled surfaces like door handles, sink edges and flush handles and these things cause extreme chances of bacterial contamination.
  • According to a study conducted in New Delhi, we found out that 1534 toilets here serve men but whereas only 132 serve women. Now this data is an eye-opener.
  • In the year 2015 a survey revealed that 2.4 billion people across the globe have no access to improved sanitation.

Long story short:

Considering how hygienic our country’s toilets are, I wouldn’t dream of stepping out of the house without a BFF like PeeBuddy.


PeeBuddy is a girl’s best friend, it is very easy to use and dump. You can carry it along with you in your bag and use it without sitting in the public toilets. Dump it off in the dustbin and you are done! I no longer have to compromise with an unsanitary toilet, this is why I love PeeBuddy and you should too!