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"Women in 20's feel invincible",but are they? Things I wish they told me when I was 20

Women should be treated equally with men in every aspect of life, if not more (reparations!). It's simple justice. There are profound changes for women in terms of employment within the past decades, with women going in paid work outside the house in the way which, their grandmothers (previous generations) and even their mothers might have solely dreamed of. In the US, during prime time, in 2011, women played a vital role, and that completely changed the way they used to be. There square measure (some) high-profile ladies' chief executives, presidents, managing directors etc. Ladies started going in jobs that accustomed to be done by men. Even those women operating in factories or sweatshops have additional alternative and independence than if they remained on the reception. And in the age of 20's women becomes wiser and mature in terms of various things, consists of the power to try to, confidence and carrier targeted, only when the adolescent part they cross.

On a different hand –
This contradiction is widespread – though several ladies are operating and sometimes better than gents, they're usually paid less than men, in part-time jobs or within the vast informal employment sector with very little protection and fewer rights. And not solely employed in a particular industry; however additionally they also lag behind in things like safety purpose or perhaps political rights and so on.
And at the top of business and government, the faces stay obdurately male. In fact, there's some proof that the numbers of girls are literally decreasing. As Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, said: "Women aren't creating it to the highest of any profession in the world. "Progress in terms of gender equality is indeed uneven, however, the proponents of the argument that girls employed is taking on the planet at work and need a solely check out the statistics on employment, equal pay and political illustration of men and ladies to envision simply what's wrong there. Ladies in the World Health Organization in powerful positions hardly realize that they face a daily barrage of sexist behaviour from men, even though it is illegal in most of the countries. And often, even among the elites, ladies don't get equal opportunities as men. 88 per cent of girls aged 30-39 see their earnings decline after having a child. A study of Harvard graduates in the USA found that median earnings in 2005 were $90,000 for girls however $162,500 for men. Among full-time, full-year staff, median earnings were $112,500 for girls and $187,500 for men.
11 exclusive rights of women every Indian needs to know
1. Women have the right to equal pay
Working women have the right to draw a comparable salary, as compared to men.
2. Women have the right to dignity and decency
3. Women have the right to protection from workplace harassment
The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act gives a female the right to file a complaint against any kind of sexual harassment at her place of work. Under this act, she can submit a written complaint to an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at a branch office within 3 months.
4. Women have a right against domestic violence
5. Female sexual assault victims have the right to keep their identity anonymous
Protests against rape in India.
6. Women have the right to get free legal aid
7. Women have right not to be arrested at night
8. Women have the right to register virtual complaints
9. Women have the right against indecent representation
10. Women have the right against being stalked
11. Women have a right to Zero FIR
Still, on balance to these rights, ladies suppose they're unconquerable however nonetheless not safe, why though, as a result of you're a woman, you've got foundations to follow, society to envision and even the rules to develop.
I wish I'd Known in My 20s-
• Don't be afraid when reality doesn't match what you thought it would look like
• Courage is a decision.
• You aren't too old for a career change.
• Nobody's opinion is more important than your own
• Other people's baggage is theirs to deal with.
• Acknowledge that this moment won't last forever
• Communicate as your best self.
Women are better off today, but still far from being equal with men.